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There are lot of styles in menswear that most men rarely try. We are so used to the usual wool navy and charcoal gray suits that they have become our all purpose suits. Suddenly when we open our wardrobes we see a sad collection of navy suits and variations of it. We agree that navy and charcoal suits are the lifeline of our work life but that does not mean you will have to stick with them the whole time. Thus in this article we introduce you to an exciting style which is the paisley suits and some tips on how to style them.

mens-suits Paisley as a pattern has took the fashion industry by storm during the recent years. The pattern was being used in accessories like ties and pocket squares for a long time now but it has now gone mainstream. These suits are gaining the recognition like never before and hence it is time to get to know the style. The design is said to have originated from ancient Iran and arrived in Europe by 17th century. They were mostly used in wool shawls and other winter styles. Soon they were also used in cotton squares which is now known as bandanas. Paisley gained importance in the 1960s when the hippies were intrigued by its connection with the eastern culture. The print is now considered to be one of the most luxurious styles and have entered the men's party wear collection.

Paisley slim fit suits are now trending since the design itself is having its moment. Paisley is almost everywhere from suits to swim trunks. If you are thinking of giving the paisley suits a spin then there are some things that you will have to remember. The first thing is to select the right design of paisley suits. The ones with less colors and lot of white spaces can make you look like a gangster. Therefore go with paisley-suits that have intricate patterns with less white space. This way they can look like a solid suit when seen from a distance.

Traditional paisley -suits are bold fashion statements and is best for people who don't mind garnering attention. But if you are a person who likes subtle styles then you should try going with tossed suits. This is an extraction of pine motif and thus use isolated scattered patterns. This will give you a dressy yet subtle look that is best for semi formal events.

maroon-suit mens-suits Mens-Four-Button-Purple-Suit Mens-Four-Button-Purple-Suit

While wearing a paisley suit it is best to avoid pairing them with patterned accessories like printed shirts and neckties. Let the paisley suit be the center piece. Also too much patterns on the ensemble can make you look sloppy. As for selection of color in suits try to go with a single color and then select accessories that complement the color. Varying shades on one rich color when paired with each other can create a smooth look. For example you can pair a paisley gray suit with white and gray tie. You can pair the black and gold paisley suit with a black shirt. This way you can create a coordinated look that is not hard on the eye of the viewer. Go with darker ones like paisley black suits and paisley burgundy suits when you are selecting the garment for formal occasions like dinner parties and such. Other than these you can also try out dark green paisley -suits and maroon paisley suits. The deep color of the suit paired with elegant design of paisley will create a rich and sophisticated look that is hard to rival. For events like summer weddings and such you can try out the lighter ones like white paisley suits and paisley beige suits. These are good picks for the groom who would like to stand out from the crowd on his special day.

Mens-Four-Button-Purple-Suit When you are selecting the color of the suits make sure that you avoid too many colors which will make your outfit overwhelming. Muted washed down colors are the ones that are most recommended when it comes to paisley- suits. These muted suits can be best for both formal and casual events. One great example is the paisley navy blue suit that Robert Downey Jr. wore go the rainforest fund benefit concert in NYC. The Iron Man actor was one of the best dressed for the event when he rocked the navy blue paisley classic fit suit that can with black shawl lapels. He paired a white dress shirt and black and black paisley necktie. The look was completed with a pair of light blue Square aviators and black slacks. This is the example of subtle yet elegant look with paisley-suits.

On the contrary if you want a look that will make you stand out from the crowd and make the event yours you can go with bright colored ones. A perfect example for this type of look is the one that Chris Hemsworth wore go the avengers end game premiere. Chris Hemsworth is always known for his subtle sartorial choices but for this event he went all out. He wore a paisley bright blue suit with blue dress shirt, black tie and black dress shoes. Truth be told this is a hard look go pull off but did it so effortlessly making us think he might actually be the thunder God.

People who aren't Chris Hemsworth should most probably avoid the full paisley suit and stick with pairing the paisley suit jacket with solid slacks for a safe look. Choosing the color for the paisley suit is the most important factor that you will have to do properly. It is best to go with brighter and darker shades since the paisley pattern is more visible on it when compared to the lighter colors. You can also try out the paisley-suits with gold patterns on them for a more elegant look. If you are still not convinced start out slow like paisley tie and paisley scarfs before going with paisley-suits.