Decoding Different Colors Of A Dress Shirt For Men

A dress shirt is a classic outfit designed with a collar and has an opening in the front, fastened by the buttons. This attire is commonly worn along with a jacket or a suit or a pair of jeans. Match it up with a black or white-colored tie to spice up the look. This outfit is can be worn for any occasion. The shirts having lighter shades are preferred for a formal event and vibrant colors are generally worn for a party.

Pattern, collar and fitting

Solid shades go well with striped or plaid pattern. Generally, buyers prefer plaid pattern in bold colors for casual meet ups, striped for official purpose or wedding. Patterned ties can be worn for bold shades. Standard and spread are the two kinds of collar. The former is commonly designed for formal gathering. The spread type is suited for modern men and it is used for exposing your tie. Slim, athletic and broad are the 3 types of fitting. Slim fit is also known as tailored fit which is tighter around the chest and recommended for skinny men looking for a contemporary style. Athletic fit is preferably for muscular men. Broad fit is recommended for stout men.


Cotton and linen are widely used fabric materials when manufacturing a shirt. Linen is considered to be heat-resistant, worn during fall and winter months of the year. Linen clothing is a sort of casual wear whereas cotton material is considered for formal gathering or social event.

Color coding

Have you ever thought about color plays a major role when you purchase a dress shirt? There is a color psychology behind every shade, let's discuss in detail about it. The color depicts the emotion and the buyer needs to choose a shade in such a way that it suits the purpose. Conservative hues are chosen for the conferences and interviews. We all know that, the classic touch and royal look is attained when men wear white and businessmen prefer this color utmost.

Outfit for simple and formal events

Apart from white, there is beige which is a neutral shade, presents a simple and elegant look. Beige is a versatile color and it's time to discuss how this color can be complemented with other attires of different shades.

  • Want to look debonair? Beige dress shirt can be matched up with burgundy colored chinos. Grab a pair of tan colored sunglasses. Accessorize your outfit with a silver watch, pair of brown shoes.
  • Choose a beige colored blazer with pastel blue skinny jeans. Add accessories like straw hat, beige colored shoes to brighten up the look.
  • Go dashing by choosing a dark brown double-breasted blazer, charcoal colored tie and pair it up with dark brown dress pants.
  • Smart men will go for a wool woven blazer and complement the entire attire in shades of brown. Go classy with a pair of oxford shoes, silver bracelet, accessorize your outfit with cuff links; pocket squares and you will look absolutely stunning.
  • Experiment your look by going with a pink colored sweater and navy blue skinny jeans.
  • If you like vibrant shades then go for navy-checked suit with orange colored-tie.
  • To maintain the style quotient, go with the evergreen black blazer with an olive colored tie and cargo pants.
  • Wear a trench coat and a blazer over this attire and matching pair of dress pants to get a casual look.
  • You have got ramp walk this week? Then you got to be unique from the other fashion icons. Aquamarine is the most underrated color. Choose a blazer and shorts of that color and carry a multicolored bag. You will attract your fellow men eyes easily.
  • Navy colored blazer and shorts go well with beige dress shirt.
  • Suit up time? You can keep it simple by wearing beige colored suit and Grey tie or go flashy by wearing chocolate brown or dark green colored suit with a pair of brown oxford shoes along with this outfit.

Attire for parties and events

Looking for a vibrant shade to wear for a party? Choose dazzling colors like bright green, orange, pink. When you want to experiment a little more, go for Turquoise dress shirt. As it is a vivid color already, complement with contrasting hues. This color goes well with George Clooney look and in addition to that, it symbolizes serenity and pristine skies and tropical beaches. Thus, you can find men wearing this color staying near to a resort or beach house clubs. This color can bring out a bold fashion statement. It acts as a strong juxtapose to neutral hues. Fashion lovers will not ignore this bright tone and add this color to your wardrobe. There are different shades of turquoise and buyers have a wide range of choices to select. Many customers prefer a tinge of blue as it can be used for both formal and semi-formal or casual events and it is based on the pattern you prefer.

  • Attending a semi-formal event and dress code is suit? Go for Grey color over this attire. Prefer Grey trousers, white denim or khaki chinos and prefer brown shoes always for this attire.
  • Accessories can be in turquoise as it brings instant style.
  • Experimenters can try out complementing the outfit with rich shades of brown to get a sophisticated look
  • White or camel colored linen trousers gives chic look when you wear with a Turquoise dress shirt.

Exploring the shades of pink

Peach is considered to be a charming color as it one of the shades of pink. There is a myth that pink usually goes with women. As time goes, the myth is broken and pink has become quite common with men. There are lots of options to explore with this shade. A peach dress shirt can be matched with variety of combinations, so make it as one of the staple in your wardrobe. Typically, yellow and green aren't suitable with pink, whereas navy blue and Grey looks stunning when you wear it with this shade. Apart from that, bottle-green and cream complement peach. Men can wear a pair of cream colored chinos and peach colored tee. With the already purchased outfits, try to complement this shade as it is versatile.

Business men may feel white tinge is quite boring after a period when they purchase suits. Those gentlemen can look out for Grey, charcoal, black, navy colored suits with blue or black tie to wear along this peach dress shirt. This attire is complete when you grab a pair of brown shoes blending the classic and modern feel together. For casual wear, match the attire with pair of skinny black jeans or navy or white chinos with brown brogues and a brown belt. Make it more versatile by trying out with different colored jeans. In the hot days, roll up the sleeves, wear sunglasses, brown loafers and go for collarless shirts. Tie sets can be blue, light purple red, gray to match the elegance of peach.

Experimenting the bold shades

Coral is a lighter shade of orange and it has the right mix of warmth and coolness. It is a blend of red and yellow. It is quite an experimenting color. Jeans are super cool when they are vibrant. Coral dress shirt with navy blue jeans create a perfect balance of style. When you complement your outfit with same coral shoes and accessories, you look a way ahead than others. To minimize the bright tone, you can use contrasting hues like Grey pants along with coral dress shirt and wear metallic accessories which will be a perfect choice for a night party. Coral pants are yet another way to spice up your summer. Jet black blazer is a stunning outfit, but you can keep it low by wearing a simple Grey blazer along with coral pants. The other way is to wear a completely contrasting beige tee which creates an uber cool look. Denim jackets create an instant dapper look when worn with coral pants.

Two-tone dress shirts give an outstanding look that brings out the true personality of a man. This attire is designed to suit the formal purpose. You can customize the design and colors that suit your skin tone and style. There are different ways of customizing a two-tone dress shirt like two-tone checks, grids, and stripes. The other distinguishing features are lapels and cuffs, sleeves and pockets square. Collars can be detachable. This attire has completely different appeal when you choose right color combo. Black goes well with every other color. Choose the fabric appropriately so that you maintain the style. Cotton is preferred for hot days while woolen for winter when worn along with a tux.

Mint is a bold color and looks good when complemented with lighter shades like white, Grey, and beige. Men who want to experiment with dark shades can choose navy blue. Mint dress shirt can be worn in several ways. Let's have a look at it. This outfit can be worn with suit having solid hues like brown, blue. For blazer lovers, choose dark brown shade to pair it up with dark navy jeans. The other alternative is going with pastel hues like beige, white shades of blazer. Wear them with a pair of chinos or shorts and grab a collection of accessories like bracelet or watch, sunglasses, hat to complete your look. Black colored suits are too common; mint green dress shirt can be worn with it. We often see men wearing same mint colored pants, it gives a flashy look. Mint shades are too good when worn as a pair of shorts with a white linen shirt. Navy or khaki colored suit can be worn along with this outfit. It goes well with lavender colored sweater or suit.

How to buy a necktie?

Neckties play a small component in men's wardrobe as it has been 150 years since men started using it. It has many shapes and sizes and there are several things to watch out for. Fabric plays a major role when you buy a tie. It is a style statement, and fashion icons say silk is the most stylish fabric. It lasts long and very soft in nature, the shape of tie is retained for a long time. Cashmere ties are gaining its prominence as it is also woven with rich cashmere wool. If you live in a cold environment throughout the year, cotton ties are recommended. Necktie is made up of 3 pieces namely the blade, the tail and the gusset. Getting the right size is very crucial," 3 .25″ is ideal for most men and maximum up to "3.75". The length of the tie varies from each manufacturer. The regular length is usually 57 or 58 inches. For taller men, 62 to 64 inches tie is recommended. Short ties are worn by short men which is lesser than 57 inches. These neckties exist right from vintage era like 1940's; the tie should reach past the trouser waist if properly tied. Taller men can order customized ties as well. The cost of the tie depends on the fabric, i.e. silk ties are expensive. Synthetic fabrics are finest and have rich texture. Ties are lined with wool and these are costly owing to fine quality. Pay attention to these details when you buy a tie set. The suit shades can be either bright solid hues or pastel, but the patterns should be minimal. Without a tie, your shirt gets too much exposed, so we recommend you to buy a proper tie.

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