French cuff shirts – an expression of style and sophistication

Looking for a smart business outfit with a chic look?

French cuff shirts are the ideal outfit designed for a formal occasion exclusively for men that gives a sophisticated outlook with a stylish touch. These shirts can be matched with both semi-formal and formal outfits like tuxedos, office suits and three piece suits etc.

French cuff dress shirts for men were first introduced in the 19th century. They were considered to be a symbol of luxury and worn by royal men and merchants. After the industrial revolution, the middle class men started trying out these outfits as a formal wear. In the recent trends, it's becoming more of informal attire as men carry it off without a tie or a jacket and maintain their cool. They are generally referred to as double cuffs. Usually they are designed as fully sleeved, buttoned shirt that gives a professional look which can be worn for a meeting or a formal party. These shirts are designed with cufflinks and having broad cuffs.

Buyers purchase vivid colored shirts to accessorize with a formal outfit. For a simple yet stunning look, choose colors like purple or light blue dress shirt and pair it up with fashionable accessories. Go classy type of men prefer white shade with golden cufflinks to pair it up with a tux or 3 piece suits which gives them a royal look.

French Cuff Shirt for men

You can purchase these shirts with fancy cufflinks if you are attending a formal party or you can button down the cuffs and wear it for a casual party with friends or for any event. These shirts give you the best fit than a regular shirt. Create bold fashion statements by wearing a customized dress shirt with jeans or casual wear. Try some intriguing colors which are designed with striped cuffs on a plain cuff shirt and create your own signature style.

Different French cuff styles

  • French square: The cuff edges are squared and give a classic feel.
  • Round French cuffs : Brings an European touch with these rounded cuffs
  • Angular French cuffs: Presents a dapper look with these angular cuffs.

How men should wear a dress shirt?

  • You can pair it up with a fashionable sport coat
  • Expensive cufflinks go well than a regular one
  • Try out different types of shirts like striped, checked , plaids as each type has got an unique look
  • Become a fashion icon in the party by dressing up in a white collared, black French cuff shirt, a truly exclusive outfit, gives a sleek look easily.
  • Attending an extravaganza? Then wear a striped shirt that goes contrasting with white cuff shirt and match it with a cufflink that goes with stripe.
  • To stand out from the crowd, match with a black tux as regular ones go with white.
  • The collar and cuff should be of same shape, prefer a spread or tab collared shirts.
  • Red French cuff dress shirt can pull off a truly sexy and a smart look.

Give yourself a sense of personal touch by adding cufflinks. They are usually a part of tux, but complement other wardrobe styles. These work as an alternative to buttons which are sewn onto the cuffs of the shirt. They can be purchased separately to pair up with a dress shirt color and you can browse through which offers a variety of cufflinks at affordable prices which are available in different shapes, size, style and material.

French cuff buttonholes are designed on both sides and they are closed with cufflinks or fabric knots. There are many different styles of buttons and fastenings which can be used to close you cuff. Each type of cufflink corresponds to a theme. Whale Back Cufflinks is the most commonly bought cufflink; the other types of cufflinks are Bullet Back, Stud or Button Style, Chain Link, Ball Return, Locking Dual-Action, Knot, Fabric. Bullet back cufflinks are favorite type of cufflinks who want to style up in a vintage fashion and presents a formal look than a silk knot. Onyx stud and ball cufflinks are light and resembles more of a shirt button.

Cufflinks have become more of an ornamental type as they are now made up of different metals like silver, titanium, silk, platinum, Carbon fiber, crystal, enamel, glass, gunmetal apart from gold which is becoming more of jewelry rather than a functional piece to complement the attire. Cufflinks are worn with French cuffs which have two holes on either side of the opening. They can be worn when you dress up in a suit with a black or white tie.

In case you are bored of cufflinks, try out silk knots which go well with French cuffs. Silk knots are for informal parties; they are designed in a vibrant material and give a contrasting touch to your outfit. These are very affordable and available in a wide range of collections.

These cuffs should be worn with a suit jacket, but men do look uber cool when sported with a blazer or a sport jacket. For formal parties; match your suit with a black tie. Wear onyx studs or whale back closures as your cufflinks. For causal or social gathering, silk knots are a perfect choice as they are vibrant, but if you want to keep it low, go classy. Blazers are preferable for informal events and can be paired up with jeans. Keep a quarter to half inch of the shirt sleeve exposed if you wear a jacket. French cuffs can also be paired with an open-collar dress shirt which is tight fit.

4 ways to wear a French cuff

  • The traditional way of folding the cuffs with cufflink,
  • By placing over the hand with cufflinks in top holes
  • Using a silk knot instead of cufflinks
  • No cufflinks and roll up the cuffs to three-fourth in hot days.
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