Ivory Tuxedo Jacket With Black Lapels

Men always choose to wear tuxedos with lapels for grand occasions. Lapelled tuxedos are specially designed to grace important occasions. The lapel on the tuxedo becomes the highlighting feature of the overall outfit, and hence the color of the lapel plays a very important role in the tuxedo jacket. The traditional old combination for tuxedo jacket with lapels is the black and white blend. The white tuxedo jacket with black lapels is the old yet favorable combination that men have preferred the most. Yes, as they say old is gold, but new is bold.

Men who are willing to carry forward the same grand look of the white jacket with black lapels with a slightly different variation and style to it, then you can try other options of white in the tuxedo jacket. Black is the most attractive and appealing color for lapels in a men's tuxedo. It is also observed that the color black goes well all other colors as a supporting color on the tuxedo lapels. Considering on the other shades of white, you can choose from off white, cream and ivory.

Ivory Tuxedo Black LapelThe ivory tuxedo is said to be the latest and most upcoming in trend. Ivory can be considered as an alternative to the white color. The black lapels compliment equally well on an ivory tuxedo like the white tuxedo. The ivory color is suitable to be worn for all important occasions like weddings, prom nights, formal and informal dinners and so on. The ivory color has a unique shine to it when worn for after evening events. The color is equally suitable for an open air bright day event too. The look of the ivory tuxedo jacket with a black lapel is alluring in a crowd. You can either choose to go slightly semi-formal by wearing a black pant for the ivory tuxedo jacket. If you are very much particular about maintaining a formal look then you can go for matching ivory colored tuxedo pants.

But buying an ivory tuxedo jacket with black lapel is worth an investment. You can try and wear the tuxedo jacket as a dinner jacket or blazer with matching informal style pants. If you are planning to go for a tuxedo for your wedding, then consider wearing the ivory tuxedo with black lapel combination. This blends well with all other colors which the bride decides to wear.

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