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White, a color indicating the mark of purity is a very common and popular color in men's clothing. The color blends with almost any other color for a combination. Men's suits were initially preferred in dark colors like charcoal grey, navy blue, black or brown. The color white was considered for shirts that could be worn with these suits. Wearing a white dress shirt with dark colored suits made the overall look of the suit outstanding. But as fashion industry started experimenting with wide range of color options, the men's suits were designed in white.

White suits look clean crisp and classy. Not everyone welcomed the white suit, as wearing a white colored suit made you look different in a crowd of men wearing dark formal colored suits. The white suit has its own charm. Italian cut suits in white look stylish and are a good option to be considered when buying a suit.

White & Off White Suits

The specialty of White Suits:

The color white is unique and outstanding and so is a white suit. A white suit is obviously suitable for special occasions. There is no doubt that a white suit will look the best when worn for your own wedding. As the color blends well with all other colors, you will get multiple options to pair up the shirt, waist coat, shoes, the pocket square and other accessories with your white suit.

As the color is versatile with other color options, so it is with fabrics too. A white linen suit looks as good as a white suit made from wool or polyester fabric. It is all about the occasion that you are considering to wear the white suit for. You can choose the fabric of your white suit as per the season and occasion.

White suits look good when worn with panama hats. A stunning and enchanting look inclined towards the fashion trend. Below are some points that set the white suits apart from all other suits.

  • Movie directors prefer the actors to wear a white suit on screen, as the color has an amazing visual impact on screen.
  • Wearing a white suit makes you get noticed very quickly, hence when you are looking to make a first impression, a white suit is not at all a bad option to consider.
  • Warm months of the year welcome white suits
  • A beach side wedding, a white code party are best graced by a white suit
  • All fabrics blend well with the color white.

One might think that a white suit is difficult to maintain due to the lightness of the color. But the look that a white suit renders is worth taking the risk. A great investment a white suit is. You can pair up the white suit with all dress shirts. Light colored dress shirts, dark colored shirts, all go well with a white suit.

You will never regret when you purchase a white suit for yourself. White suits are versatile and eye catchy. The color itself is so welcoming that it will never go unnoticed.

If you do not wish to dress up in full white, then the white jacket of the suit can be worn with contrasting colored trousers for a casual look. You can buy white suits for men from our online store – Suitusa.com

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