Double Breasted Men's Suit
Vinci Peak Lapel Double Breasted High back Vented Jacket with Wide Leg Pleated Slacks Pants $149

Mens SuitsDouble breasted men’s suit is back in fashion. You can choose to wear them at formal occasions. However, it is advised to pair it with minimum accessories if you want to get the perfect look for yourself.

In the late 1980’s and 1990’s double breasted men’s suit were considered as an essential piece of clothing. These suits refer to a coat or a jacket with wide overlapping of the front laps. However, at present single breasted suits are in style in the fashion circuit. But, the double breasted suits are again coming back in style again. The designers are coming out with new designs and features in this kind of suit. Many of the double breasted suits include flat-front slacks instead of pleated models. 

It is not advised to wear button-down collars with these men’s suit. You should never unbutton your suits. These suits are synonymous with conservatism and power. You might look staid when you are sporting these double breasted styles of suits. When picking up a suit you must keep a few things in mind. Try to find a suit which is cut in the midsection for a trim physique. Go for peaked lapels when you are buying double breasted suits. Find a suit which has two working buttons. It would be better for you if you could avoid three buttons as it looks too stuffy. Two buttons give the best look for your double breasted suits. 

The double breasted men’s suit is a great choice for tall and slender men. The suit will add girth and weight to a slim frame. The construction of these suits are little different. The pattern and cut is different from single breasted suits. The double breasted suits drapes very awkwardly on your frame if you do not unbutton it. You cannot skip the neck tie when you are wearing these suits. Make sure that the width of your necktie should match with the width of the lapel. Avoid loading up too many accessories as that will ruin your entire look. Try to stay clean and simple with just the minimum accessories like a necktie and a pocket square.

Try to go for light shades in the double breasted style of men’s suit. You will surely look great in those apparels. By wearing light colors you will be able to tone down the formal look of the suits. You can choose to wear these suits at all kinds of events. However, most men prefer to wear them for formal occasions. You can choose to purchase at least 2 suits in this style so that you can wear them at different events be it formal or casual.

You can choose to gift these suits too if you like to present to your husband, brother or father. They will be very happy to receive them. All you have to do is purchase from a reputed and reliable online retail store that stocks these suits in different styles and designs. The suits you buy should be available at a reasonable price so that you can make your purchase with no trouble. You do not have to buy branded suits by driving a hole through your pocket. So, go ahead and buy a classic double breasted suit right away.

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