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Mens Velvet Bow Tie

The velvet bow tie is classic menswear that offers a stylish and polished look to men. The velvet bow mens tie available in different brands, sizes, and colors at an affordable price. The velvet bow mens tie , like any other accessory has some general style rules that you should follow. You should take this into account whenever you wear a velvet-bow-tie. If you're wearing a velvet-bow-tie for the first time, then just start with bow ties in plain colors without any prints for a traditional classic and simple look. This way you can easily adjust to the simply velvet colors and then build up your own accessories to include more subtle patterns. You can also include daring patterns in it to experiment with your personal flair. Mostly tuxedos for men come with Exaggerated, large, and wide bow ties. Well, wearing the velvet tie with a classic and simple suit, then it may seem out of place and it might not complement your look as much as a regular-sized mens bow tie.

 velvet There are certain things that you should not do while wearing a velvet bow tie. You can pair the velvet bow mens tie with a jacket and a long-sleeved shirt but not with a short-sleeved shirt. Also, remember the pairing of polo or t-shirt with a velvet tie is also not the right choice. The right outfit is combining the velvet bow mens tie with straight and stiff collars. Wearing it with any short-sleeved top makes you look out of fashion. You can include some accessories to complete your outfit. Choosing an elegant contrasting scarf is considered the perfect accessories to accompany your bow tie. It is important to pick the right type of shirt that works well with the velvet-bow-tie. Make sure the shirt should make you feel comfortable while wearing it because the entire outfit rests on your comfort and confidence in your personal style. The style and trends may change according to the season and occasion but these general rules stay forever. You can introduce any number of accessories according to your style, the one thing you have to remember is your physique and above all the ones should make you feel confident. Combining the velvet bow mens tie with some popular mix of styles is the best way to style your outfit. Some of the famous mixes of styles are rolled-up blazers, leather jackets, and jeans. Sticking to the casual or trendy looks might allow you to get more out of this accessory.

 slim fit Choosing the right Shirt Collar is also an important thing to attain a good look in your Velvet-Bow-Tie. There are some collars like Italian collar, English collar, and collar with buttons are the most important factors to consider. Italian collar shirts have separate blades and they are perfect for elongated faces since they give a good impression that makes the face seem squarer. You can wear the Italian collar shirts with either knit or velvet bowties. Opting for the bow tie will always be the main accessory of the complete outfit. Wearing the English collar shirt allows you to focus all your attention on it. It comes with closed blades at the tip so it is different from an Italian collar shirt. The English collar shirt is considered the most classic neckline style but combining it with a bow tie is not highly recommended. Choosing the Collar with Buttons is also not the right choice when it comes to bow ties. These type of collars doesn’t provide a good look with any kind of ties. These types of shirts are generally considered casual and you can wear them with a sport or casual shirt and a pair of casual pants instead of formal wear.

When to Wear the Velvet Bow Tie?

You can wear this velvet bow mens tie with either a classic tuxedo or suit. You can also wear velvet accessories with casual styles like blazers and casual pants instead of a traditional suit. Wearing a velvet-bow-tie during the winter climate adds warmth and luxuriousness touch to your outfit. The mens velvet bows white shirt. You can wear this green velvet tie to dinners, proms, etc. Going with a red velvet-bow-tie gives you a stylish statement look. You can try this red velvet bow tie if you are stepping out for a rocking casual attire. The pairing of a red velvet tie with a white or crisp white shirt offers a fantastic look in the evening attire. The burgundy velvet tie is a perfect choice for both formal and casual events. The men's burgundy velvet tie works well with black, white, pink, and redshirt. The pairing of a burgundy bow tie with a black shirt, burgundy suit, and black shoes can give a stunning prom look to the wearer.Opting for the black velvet butterfly bow tie can provide a sophisticated look in the formal attire.

blue bow blue bow red bow green bow

You can wear this black velvet butterfly bow tie to business parties, client-facing, cocktails, and formal dinners. The selection of white, black, or blue shirt goes well with a black velvet butterfly bow tie. Complement this look with a pair of black shoes. If you are bored wearing this usual black, then you can shift to the alternative blue. The color blue naturally gives a bright and polished young look, especially during the night event. The blue velvet bow tie can go with a black, white, and blue shirt. Wear a blue bow tie with a light blue shirt and dark blue suit for a good contrasting classic look. You can finish off this look with a pair of brown shoes. The navy blue velvet- bow-tie and a royal blue velvet-bow-tie also works well with a light blue shirt and brown shoes. If you want to create a fun or casual look, then you can pick an orange velvet bow tie with some mix and match dress shirt and pants.