Men's Black And White Wingtip Shoes

Wingtip shoes are a classic go-to preferred by almost all. Sleek and elongated compared to the captoe, they are instantly recognizable and dates back to the peasant times. It has long been regnant as the dressiest option in a modish gentleman's footwear collection. Craftsmanship and sartorial flair are the two best words that can be used to best describe about this particular shoe type and it has the capability to turn your very normal outfit into an impressive one. During those times, the perforations served a purpose, yes; it was designed in that way to drain water from the shoes after traipsing through wet terrain. However, in the present day, those perforation or holes are for decorative purposes purely. That being said, it is the brogue that makes wingtips shoes stand out from other dress shoes stylishly. In the last couple of years, black and white wingtip shoe has stealthily become the favorite of many stylish guys.

Mens Wingtip Shoes

Black and white wingtip shoes:

Men's 1920 style shoes. Replacing the oxford's straight line across the toe, it had an arched line that looked more or less looked like the alphabet 'W'. In general, they were often paired up with formal attire such as an evening suit.

You may be wondering how formal or casual are wingtip dress shoes; well it all depends on two factors i.e. colour and design. Talking about design, a black wingtip featuring narrow wings that end halfway approximately the foot with a discrete line of small brogues i.e. perforations is comparatively dressy. On the other hand, a two-tone dress shoe with white uppers and oxblood wings that go all the way around the foot is considered much more casual. The brogue also plays a role in it, that is, bigger the wings and more the holes, the less formal it is and vice versa. Colour of the shoe has its own role to play, while black is considered a bit dressier than brown, the other colours like white, burgundy and green will be on the low end of formality. So, you will have to make a wise choice contemplating on these said factors. Having said all that, wingtips today are considered formal despite the perforations and colour. However, you still have to be very careful when pairing up with your outfits.

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