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Tuxedos continue to be the most formal clothing that a man can be seen dressed in for any type of events. While there are rules concerning the dressing in a tuxedo, it has taken new forms in recent times. Black tuxedos have been the most preferred ones by men for a long time now but people are now considering black to be usual and boring. If you are one among them and want to try a new style then we would recommend you to go with colored tuxedos. While there are a lot of options with the colored tuxedos in this article we are going to discuss about tan tuxedos and some of the best ways in which you can style the garment.

If you are a conservative dresser then you would argue that the tuxedos are formal garments and thus it would be best to get them in dark colors preferably black or navy. But as mentioned before the rules are being revised in recent times and therefore change in inevitable. For example throughout the 20th century the men were supposed to wear the black tuxedos for the evening events or any formal event that happens after dark. But today you do not have such restrictions and people are free to wear whichever garment they are comfortable with given that it is appropriate to the mentioned dress code. Thus when you are getting the garment for a semi formal or a casual event you do not need to worry much about the rules and you can even bend them so that the garment suits your taste and personality.

Tan tuxedos will give you a new and refreshing look but these tuxedos might not suit the strictly formal events like black tie ones. For these types of events you would have no choice other than to go with the dark colored tuxedos like the black tuxedos or navy tuxedos. But that does not mean that you will have to stick with the same black tuxedos for the semi formal and casual events for which you will have more liberty in selecting your garments. For example if you are dressing for summer events like beach weddings and such you can dress in bright or light colored tuxedos. Mens tan tuxedos are a great choice for these types of semi formal and casual events.

Tuxedos are not a usual style and have been in use for over a century. Before you go into the details of styling the tan tuxedos it would be best to get to know the history of these garments. The tuxedos first came into style in the latter part of the 19th century since the upper class men of the society needed a slightly casual replacement to the events that they attend in their leisure time. At that time the morning dress was the most formal style and the tuxedos were invented so that they could be worn to the slightly casual events. But with time the tuxedos rose in the sartorial sense and soon they became the formal garments that men wore to the evening events. These tuxedos were considered to be the middle of the way garment between the most formal white tie attire and the lounge suit.

The term tuxedo for the garment came from the tuxedo park which was a residential suburb in new York. An autumn ball was conducted every year and for this event men usually wore white tie and tails. But in 1885 James Brown Potter who was a friend of the lorillard family who hosted the ball was introduced to the idea of the dinner jacket from the prince of Wales. After a year the lorillard men showed up to the ball wearing the tuxedos with satin lapels. This caught the eyes of the guests who attended the ball and it was a not a long time after that the tuxedo jackets became the customary attire for the semi formal evening events all through new York.

As for the color of the tuxedo black was always the usual style that was preferred by men. But there was a brief period of time when the men preferred to go with the midnight dark blue tuxedos. This was because of the deep color of the midnight blue tuxedos and how good they looked under both natural and artificial lighting. But the black tuxedos came back to style and have maintained their classic style all through years without much fluctuations. But in recent times the tuxedos are being used for both semi formal and casual events and thus you can slightly experiment with the style.

There are a lot of styles by which you can style the tan tuxedos depending on the nature of the event that you are attending. If you are dressing for a formal event then you can choose to style the tan tuxedo in the standard way. For this you can style the formal tan tuxedo with a white dress shirt and a black bow tie. If you consider the full tan tuxedo look to be intimidating then you can choose to style the tan tuxedo as separates. You can simply style the tan tuxedo jacket with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black dress pants. The major characteristic that differs the tan tuxedo from the tan suit is the lapels on the tuxedo. The lapels on the tan tuxedo are usually faced with satin or grosgrain giving it a rich and sophisticated look. When you need a distinct style then we would recommend you to choose the tan tuxedos that come with contrasting lapels on it. Tan tuxedo with black lapels paired with a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants would give you a perfect look which will also ground the look of your outfit. The tuxedo pants differ from the usual pants in the sense that they come with satin stripes on either side of the pant legs.

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If you are the groom of the summer wedding then you can choose to go with the three piece tan tuxedo which will make the wearer look dressed up for the event. The addition of vest or the cummerbund will cover the portion between the tuxedo jacket and pants giving the wearer a slim silhouette from the shoulder to toe. You can choose to style the vested tan tuxedo in the same color as the rest of the tuxedo but when you need a more distinct style then you can choose to style the 3 piece tan tuxedo with black vest. Wedding tan tuxedos are great choices for the semi formal and casual summer weddings since the light color looks great when it is exposed to the natural light of the season.

Apart from the usual classic styling of the tan tuxedos you also have the option of styling them in different ways rather than the standard one. As mentioned before the tan tuxedo jackets are being used for the semi formal and casual styling of the garments. Here are some ideas that we think might help you style the tan tuxedos in a new and refreshing style.

White dress shirts are the usual ones that are recommended to be worn with the tuxedos but when you opt for little more casual styling then you can choose to go with colored shirts. According to the type of look that you are aiming to achieve you can choose the color of the dress shirts. For example when you need a smart casual look then we recommend you to pair the single breasted tan tuxedo jacket with a light blue dress shirt or a pale pink dress shirt and then add with a pair of dark colored dress pants so that the look is balanced. If you are styling the tan tuxedo as a workwear then you can choose to add with the outfit a long tie. These baby blue suite and pale pink colors give you the summery and ocean inspired look which goes well with your outfit of the tan tuxedo.

When you want a simple and subtle look then it would be best for you to style the tan tuxedo with a brown dress shirt. Since brown is in the same color palette as tan it would give the outfit a tonal look with the color of the outfit that blends in well. For a little more interesting look you can add with the outfit a patterned light brown tie. This notch lapel tan tuxedo jacket paired with a brown dress shirt and polka dot light brown tie gives you a calm and collected look for the wearer.

The color of the fancy dress shirt should also depend on the shade of the tan tuxedo. There are a lot of shades in tan tuxedos and you can choose the one that would suit your look the best. For a formal and sophisticated look you can choose to go with the dark shades of the tan tuxedos like the khaki tan tuxedos and other dark ones. But when it is for the casual tan tuxedo look then you can choose to go to with the light colored tan tuxedos. Light tan tuxedos might not look great when worn by the pale skinned people and the khaki ones might not suit the chocolate Brown suite Skinned people. Thus it might be best if you consider the skin color when you are selecting the shade of the tan tuxedo. When you need a perfect selection then you can also consider the hair color so that it complements well with the shade of the tan tuxedo.

The styles in the tan tuxedo are important to note since they collectively make for the perfect look of the outfit. For example the peak lapel tan tuxedo is the most preferable choice since it gives a formal look but when you need a dressy style then it would be best for you to go with the shawl lapel tan tuxedo. The 2 button tan tuxedo is the most common style that is recommended for the men since it suits men of all statures. But if you are a short person go with the single button tan tuxedo and on the contrary if you are tall then go with the 3 button tan tuxedo. While the single breasted tan tuxedos are considered to be the most versatile pick since you can easily style them as both formal and casual styles the double breasted tan tuxedos offer you a more formal look.

As mentioned before tan tuxedos are best recommended for summer and spring events and thus you will have to select the appropriate fabric for the seasons. For a formal summer event it might be best for you to go with the cotton tan tuxedo. They are light in weight and breathable saving you from the sweat during the hot days. But if you live in a place with mild summers then the light weight style would not work and you can go with a thicker style which is the wool tan tuxedos. The wool tan tuxedos are available in different weights and a variety of wool fabrics.

When you need a casual summer style then choose the linen tan tuxedo. They have better moisture wicking characteristics than the cotton tan tuxedos but would wrinkle easily. Silk tan tuxedos can be a great choice when you need a rich and Sophisticated look. When you need a cheaper style then go with the synthetic fabric ones like the polyester tan tuxedos or the rayon tan tuxedos.

The fit of the tan tuxedo is another important thing to note. Dark colored garments tend to look more fitted in while the light colored garments tend to show the wrinkles easily. Go with the designer tan tuxedos if you can afford it but off the rack options like the slim fit tan tuxedos and classic fit tan tuxedos can be selected depending on your body type.