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Emerald Green Tuxedo

White And Green Tuxedo Every year there is a new trend in mens clothing that we adore. Some stay while we move on to the next one after some time. One of the trends that seems to have a long stay in the formal menswear business is the emerald green men tuxedos. This comes as a surprise since when it comes to tuxedos the default choice of most men is to go with black tuxedos. But the emerald green tuxedos have started dominating the formal events and here in this article we give you some of the tips that might help you safely rock the trend.

The black tuxedos have been a immovable force that has dominated the formal menswear. While for some events like black tie events it becomes an obligation to go dressed in black tuxedos there are some events that does not come with such restricting rules. In recent times, men have become more mindful of the fashion changes and thus they have started to being open to new tuxedo choices like emerald green mens tuxedos. If you aren't aware of the shade emerald green is the bright shade of green that is also vivid. This shade comes from the mixing of two colors which is blue and yellow. The emerald green shade had it's first record of usage in the late 16th century. It is named such because the shade resembles the typical shade of a precious gemstone which is emerald. This shade of greatly popular at the 1800s since many prominent artists of that time like Monet and Van Gogh favored emerald green. But arriving the shade at that time meant working with toxic arsenic bases and thus the usage greatly dwindled with time. But with the technology lending a hand emerald green paints and dyes nowadays are manufactured in a completely safe manner for both the manufacturer and the user.

There are a lot of shades in emerald green and you can select the one that best suits your purpose. As the ratio of blue in the shade increases the shade gets darker. Since we are talking about tuxedos which is a formal garment then it is better to go with dark shades of emerald green mens tuxedos. The emerald green is said to denote wealth, refinement and royalty. This greatly blends in well with the formal garment like tuxedos that we wear for special occasions. Thus when you need a classic and Royal look then we recommend you to try out the emerald green mens tuxedos.

As mentioned before the emerald green trend has caught on very fast and this is no exception to the celebrities. Gone are the days when the celebrities never deviated for the customary black tuxedos on the red carpets. The fashion has improved a great deal and the men on the red carpet also have turned creative. The fashion world was not ready for the stylish look that Ansel Elgort wore to the red carpet stride of the Oscars 2018. The baby driver actor rocked an outfit that consists of an emerald green velvet tuxedo jacket, a white dress shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. The perfectly tailored shawl lapel emerald green mens tuxedo jacket paired impeccably with standard combining garments is one of the most talked looks of the year. Thus if you are hesitating then think no further to rock the best look of the 2018.

Now when it comes to a tuxedo there are several details that you will have to note before purchasing one. The small details determine the overall look and thus it is better to spend some time in making the right pick. Now the first thing is to note the type of fabric from which the emerald green mens tuxedo is made of. The advantage with the dark colored garment like emerald green mens tuxedo is that you can style them for both formal and casual events when you style it right. But remember the fabric of the tuxedo will also matter in the look. While the emerald green velvet tuxedo might work for Ansel Elgort since he is attending a celebratory event like Oscars the same might not be appropriate for a formal dinner event. For these type of formal events it is best to go with subtle styles like wool emerald green mens tuxedos or cotton emerald green mens tuxedos. In the same way if you are attending a summer event then you can keep in mind the heat and opt for a light weight option like linen emerald green mens tuxedo. Tuxedos are usually expensive when compared to suits and if you want to keep the purchase within the budget then you can try out the synthetic ones like polyester emerald green mens tuxedos or rayon emerald green mens tuxedos.

Emerald Green Jacket Weddings are one of the events when people try to look the best even if you are the groom or the guest. Thus weddings are one of the major events where you should consider wearing emerald green mens tuxedos. As for styling the emerald green mens tuxedos here are some tips that might help you in the process.

If you are the groom and you are opting to ditch the black tuxedos and go with emerald green mens tuxedos then you should style it perfectly. A emerald green peak lapel tuxedo paired with a white dress shirt and black bow tie is a standard style that might work for any type of wedding. Single breasted emerald green mens tuxedos are the ones most recommended when compared to emerald green double breasted tuxedos since you can easily style the single breasted ones as separates even to casual events.

Another important thing that you will have to note is the fit of the emerald green tuxedo. Going with an unconventional choice like emerald green tuxedo means that attention will be focused on you at least for a short time and thus you need to look perfect in the tuxedo. Fitting ones like emerald green slim fit tuxedos and classic fit emerald green tuxedos recommended and you can choose the one that best fits your body type.