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Stripped Blazers

When going through the classic pattern in the men's wear, stripes are the one of the patterns to stay in trend for more than a decade. Stripes come in wide ranges and should be chosen according to our personality. Shirt and t-shirts are the common garments in menswear to infuse the stripes. Introducing them in blazers are a sure way to add a new dimension to their wardrobe. Blazers are a versatile garment that can be infused with any pattern to change your style.Striped blazers should be the must haves in the men's wardrobe, as it allows you to wear in all seasons and events. Choose a stripe blazer to upgrade your wardrobe and to stand apart from the crowd. Scroll down to find more about the striped blazer and to buy the perfect blazer.

Different types of stripes give you a unique personality. Knowing about the types and look offered by the stripes will help you to rock in stripes. Choosing the right kind of stripes that suits your build and body type will give a balanced look. The space between the blazer determines the formality of the blazer. Blazers with minimal spacing stripes give you more classy formal attire. There are different rules to follow to shine in the striped blazers. From the color combination of the stripes to the pattern of lines. Everything should be considered according to your body type. Stripes in vertical comes in different spacing and width to offer different patterns. Men who want to give the taller appearance can prefer a vertical style of pattern. So it is better for short or average men to choose this style of pattern to create an elongated silhouette. Combining a striped black blazer with black vertical striped pants offers a continuous line to deliver the stylish attire for men.

white Striped Blazer The pinstripe blazer is the easy way to incorporate stripes into the work. It can be paired with plain or plaid pants to give the formal ensemble. It's not only a formal attire, it gives a sartorial look that is surprisingly modern. While choosing a formal pinstripe blazer opt for blue striped blazer. Navy and striped white blazer draws the line between casual and formal attire. The light shade of blue like an aqua striped blazer gives you a more casual look when compared to the darker tones. If you like to go with catchy outfits in the pinstripe pattern, team a red striped blazer with black or brown pants. Choosing the proper pants play a key role in delivering your look. For example, if you pair your red striped blazer with the white pants it can easily turn you into a clown and will be a disastrous outfit.

If you want to stand out from the crowd without putting too much effort, go with a chalk stripe pattern. Chalk stripe blazer can be worn in many ways to bring out loud and bold attire. Teaming a maroon striped blazer with beige pants give the ready to go casual outfits that can be easily pulled together. Complete this ensemble with a pair of beige loafers to add extra points to your getup. Don't mix your chalk striped blazer with other plaid pants to create clashing patterns. To bring stylish attire, try a light shade of clothings. It brings an elegant look when pairing an striped ivory blazer and white pants. Introducing a pair of white leather low top sneakers will bring a classy vibe.

The vertical stripe blazer is the common type of pattern that is preferred by men. As horizontal lines create the wide appearance. If you are in doubt, how to create a smarter look in horizontal stripes, then this for you. Vertical stripings gained their popularity only in recent years, but the vertical stripes were in top over decades. Horizontal stripings climbed their ranks in t-shirt and sportswear. Men with masculine build can opt for this pattern to show off his build. Choosing darker shade stripes will help you to reduce the broad image. Going with black and grey striped blazer will give a prep mix that can be worn in all casual events.

Two button Blazer You can experiment both in vertical and horizontal stripes, then the only thing is to create an inspirational look in them. Opt for the shades like navy, ivory, light and light blue, as they can bring both formal and casual attire instantly. For a classy look, team a wine striped blazer with black pants. When it comes to footwear, choose a black leather double monk to add an elegant twist to the outfit. On the day when you need a relaxed outfit, go for colors like lime green, purple, yellow and orange. This off-duty combination of lime green striped blazer and white pants will help you to keep you on trend. Slip on to the white canvas shoes to bring the functional attire. A striped tan blazer and navy chinos are a perfect match when you prefer casual combinations. Why not finish off this look with brown leather brogues.

The striped blazer is the best pick when you need the perfect off-duty ensemble. Pulling off this ensemble is easy, but choosing the coordinated clothing is a difficult job. As you know about the basic pairing of a striped blazer, let's move on to the garments. When you're wearing a plain shirt with a striped blazer, you can finish off that ensemble with a patterned tie. Otherwise the easy and safe option is to pick the plain tie. Choosing fabrics like silk and satin is a sure way to add wow factor to the ensemble. If you are going to buy a single blazer, pick a striped fashion blazer that's full of charisma and personality. If you have the idea to match your stripped clothings, then it is easy for you to master in all other garments. The final result gives you the unmatched appearance that brings a new side of you. So explore striped blazer from our website and make sure to add it to your wardrobe to make the statement outfits.