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Tweed Blazers

Tweed is the latest trend that gave the signature outfit this year. So go with tweed that will never go out of fashion and will give iconic looks to stay in style. It is easy to infuse in almost all of the clothing from sweaters, suits and blazers. There are many reasons to choose this fabric, that offers you comfort and style. Tweed is the type of wool which is woven with more precision to give the final product. When you are thinking that tweed is the fabric that suits your winter wardrobe, it will give you a definite surprise in summer. While surfing through the men's clothing, a blazer is the one garment to bring a timeless look instantly. So opt for a tweed blazer that can be worn in all seasons and at all events. To know more about the tweed blazer, continue reading this article.

Blazer can easily change your look without putting too much effort. Tweed is the one of the most traditional fabrics that gives a classy vibe to a blazer. It is a most genuine fabric that is rough that can withstand rain, wind and fog. But there are also many modified variants from the tweed to wear it in summer. As it gives comfort to wear it for the entire day, tweed is generally preferred by professors, artists and men who love trendy wear. Tweeds are often made in natural colors like grey, brown, black and khaki to blend with the surroundings. it also reflects the landscape of british, so it is preferred by hunters and fishers. Over the decade many colors are dyed into tweed to satisfy our need. With the increasing frequency of men wearing suits as their regular formal wear, choosing a blazer gives you another option to wear it for work. When you need a more formal look in the tweed blazer, opt for novelty colors like navy and charcoal grey shade blazer. This is easy to bring the ready to go formal look when paired with coordinated pants. To spruce up this look instantly, try combining the tweed navy blazer with black pants and black leather oxford shoes.

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Tweed blazer is the perfect way to bring a smart casual ensemble when you need to head for the business meeting or the day out in your office. There are many options like dark shades of green and grey. Pairing your tweed green blazer with black chinos gives the laid back look and confidence to stay trendy. Add a pair of black leather double monks to ramp up this look. For a fail safe combo, go for a grey tweed blazer and charcoal grey pants. This combination is easy to achieve a smart look and to get a little more smarter, pair a brown leather oxford shoe to this combination. When you want to show off your skills in styling your dress, go for exotic colors. Colors like burgundy, brandy and wine are easy ways to add luxury to the outfit. It gives the rich look and polished finish when crafted from tweed. You can diversify your look with chinos or jean pants accordingly to have your formal needs.

As tweed clothings are made with more precision, it takes more time to complete the product, they are generally woven in plain or twill weaves. Some may find this pattern boring and won't prefer this fabric. They may miss the beauty of tweed when infused in varied colors. If you need to bring the casual vibe to add in your closet, bring a tweed blazer in varied colors and designs. Going for bright and bold colors in blazers are an easy way to give a refreshing look to your attire. You may pair the purple tweed blazer with white pants to give a playful twist to your outfit. Combining the white leather low top sneakers is a good choice to finish this getup. You may also prefer different shades of green in your wardrobe to brighten up your ensemble. From lime green to olive, there are different shades available to give an appealing look. For a contemporary ensemble, match a lime green tweed blazer with dark brown pants. Get a little more creative with your footwear by slipping into the pair of white leather low top loafers. The unique texture given by the tweed paired with denim clothes will introduce a bit of depth to your outfit. The styling capabilities of denim clothes will give a guaranteed look when matched with a yellow tweed blazer. The yellow and tweed orange blazer will give a confident look to your casual getup. The orange tweed blazer looks especially good when teamed with charcoal grey pants. Finish off this ensemble with brown chelsea boots to look incredibly stylish.

2 button blazer If you are a man who has a natural liking for stylish clothes, make sure to pair tweed blazers with plaid or designer pants. Inspiring is easy when you choose the fashion tweed blazers. There are more patterns in blazers, but herringbone will always be everyone's favourite. Having herringbone tweed blazer is the easy way to give the inspired look to your wardrobe. Choosing ivory and champagne tweed blazer in herringbone pattern will reflect earthy tones and give you the country look. For the more finer look, try matching an tweed ivory blazer with dark brown pants. When you need a smart casual look, Choosing the right fit and design that suits your personality will help you to have the complementary look. There are a wide range of designs from the type of breast, lapels and difference in length to choose your ideal blazer. Choose a proper weave and colors that suits your body type. For a fail safe option, any man can prefer a blue tweed blazer to show off his manly look.

If you need a practical and stylish garment to wear it throughout the year, tweed blazers are the appropriate one. From a different range of tweed blazers, buy a durable and stylish tweed blazer from our website at an affordable price.