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Grey plaid blazer

Mens-Two-Buttons-Taupe-Suit If you want a statement look that makes you stand out without straying away too much from the basics then you can try out grey plaid blazer. The garment has popped in all prominent trending lists even in womenswear. In this article we discuss what makes the grey plaid mens blazer so popular and how you can style one yourself for a great look.

Dark-Black-Sportcoat One of the main reasons why grey plaid mens blazers are having a great fan following is the changing work attire. While for the better part of the last decade the work attire and the dress codes involved with it were defined and men were required to follow it on a strict basis. But in recent times the dress codes have been relaxed a great deal with the smart casuals making the way into the work attire. Thus adding a grey sliver blazer to your wardrobe might be a versatile choice that you make. The grey plaid mens blazer might offer you any type of look starting from a polished look to a casual look depending on the way that you style the garment.

If you are thinking of getting a grey plaid mens blazer then there are some details that you should note to get a impeccable look. There are different types of plaids that are available in grey plaid mens blazers. According to your personality and the taste you can select the type of plaids in grey plaid mens blazers. There is a style for everyone in grey plaid mens blazers and this is one of the main reasons why they are being most popular among both menswear and womenswear.

Grey plaid blazers are definitely not a new style but the garment has evolved a great deal over the years. While the grey plaid mens blazers had a heavy formal look in the past the tailoring also have improved a great deal offering the casual wearers a chance. The unstructured casual blazers are a great choice when you need a garment which you can wear to semi formal and casual events. The unstructured grey plaid mens blazers can be a good style for you when you need a lightweight garment since these can make you look a great balance between formal and casual. Also the fact that grey is a color that is universally accepted for formal and work wears helps a great deal. This makes the styling of the garment easy and thus making it more popular.

If you are trying out the grey plaid blazer style for the first time then you can start with a subtle look of grey plaid mens blazer. Grey gun check blazer is a usual recommendation that is best for the formal setting. These are casual grey plaid mens blazers and can give you a balanced look because of the inherent formality of the plaid pattern. Gun plaids are mostly worn near the countryside and it gets it name from the American gun Club in the late 19th century from Scotland. Nowadays these gun checks are found everywhere starting from the jackets to the rain coats. For a casual look you can pair this casual grey plaid mens blazer with a jeans and polo shirt. For a layered look you can add a layer of plain sweater. To give a nod to the Scottish heritage you can add a pair of heritage hiking boots.

Gray-Two-Buttons-Tuxedo For a semi formal event you can go with Blackwatch grey plaid mens blazers. These checks are a formal style and you can wear them for most semi formal and sometimes to the formal events. These grey plaid mens blazers are best for evening events. For these type of events you can pair a peak lapel tartan blazer with a classic dress shirt, a black bow tie and a pair of black satin lined trousers. For a clear cut style make sure that the outfit is less fuzzy and more classy.

For a formal work wear look you can opt to go with business grey plaid blazers. These blazers unlike the unstructured blazers will have full lining and give a more built up look. If you want a subtle look you can opt to go with notch lapel grey plaid mens blazers with light soft checks. These blazers will have patterns in lighter colors and thus might look like a solid garment from a distance. For a more bold look you can go with grey plaid mens blazers with well defined checks. A single breasted grey plaid mens blazer paired with a light blue dress shirt and a dark brown tie is a good look. For a classy winter look you can add a brown overcoat, dark brown cardigan and brown suede tassel loafers.

double-breasted-linen-blazer There are varying shades in the grey plaid blazers and you can choose the one that best suits your need. For example for a formal look go with dark shaded grey plaid mens blazers like charcoal grey plaid mens blazers and for casual events you can go with light grey plaid mens blazers. The dark shaded grey plaid mens blazers work best for the winter and fall look while the light shaded ones work the best for warmer months of summer and spring.

The fabric of the double breased linen blazers also play a major role in the look that you sport. Wool grey plaid mens blazers and cotton grey plaid mens blazers are recommended for formal purposes while the linen grey plaid mens blazers are best for semi formal and casual looks. Tweed grey plaid mens blazers are gaining a large fan following at the moment. For a cheap priced grey plaid mens blazer go with synthetic ones like polyester grey plaid mens blazers and rayon grey plaid mens blazers.

The fit of the grey plaid blazers is also an important detail to note. A slim fit grey plaid mens blazer paired with a burgundy dress shirt and blue plaid dress pants is a cool smart casual style to start your day with. For a laid back look yet dressy look you can pair the classic fit grey plaid mens blazer with a black dress shirt and black dress pants.