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If you have been thinking about getting a garment that can turn heads for you and make you look the best for a special occasion, then you should think of choosing the white groom tuxedo. Weddings are one of the most important events of our lives and if gone right the pictures from this event would be cherished for a lifetime. In that case, it is usual for us to look great for the said event. The usual choices for the groom outfit would be the black tuxedos and the navy tuxedos. But almost everyone goes with this choice and if you want something different then groom tuxedo mens should be your choice. In this article we will discuss more about the mens white tuxedo and the different ways in which you can make the look work.

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The reason why most people stay away from the likes of the white tuxedo even though they offer a cool look is because of the fact that the garments are flashier than the monotonous navy and grey suits that we are used to. Anything remotely bright or eye catching is vehemently avoided by most men and thus white tuxedos Haven’t seen the light of the day with many people. But in recent times we are seeing a surge in the people who are accepting the bright styles and trying to include them to their wardrobe. In that case, groom white tuxedos would also be a cool style to try out.

Now we already know that the white tuxedos are flashy and thus it might be best to avoid them for the very formal events. For example, if you are choosing to go with a winter wedding with the venue in church, then the white tuxedo groom suit might be a little too much for the said event. But if you are still hung up on the idea of going with the white tuxedo, then you can choose to go with a less flashy shade like a beige or ivory tuxedo. Now if the said wedding is held in summer or spring with an outdoor venue then the all groom tuxedo outfit would be a great style for the event.

While choosing the groom tuxedo, there are a few things that we want you to remember. The first thing that you should note is the fabric of the tuxedos. Usually we would suggest you to choose the white groom wool tuxedos since they give the perfect drape and would be great for the special occasion like wedding. But for the summer and spring events, comfort is something that should be taken into account more than the style. You don’t want to be looking sweaty and irritable all through your wedding pictures. In that case, our recommendation would be to choose the cotton white groom suits and if you don’t mind a more casual look, linen suits. These lightweight styles will let the air circulate through the garment and keep you cool throughout the day.

White Tuxedo When it comes to the styling of the white tuxedo, you might think that there aren’t very many choices. For a standard look people would suggest you to choose the all white groom tuxedo. This involves styling the white tuxedo jacket with a white tuxedo shirt, white tuxedo pants and maybe a black bow tie. A pair of black leather tuxedo shoes are added to match this bow tie. This will be a failproof style but it is also quite old. It looks like you haven’t put much effort into the outfit when you choose this all white groom tuxedo look. Thus it would be better for you to add some contrast to make the outfit look more interesting.

You might be wondering on how you can create variation in a standard outfit like white groom tuxedo. We are here to help with an example to explain how much you can achieve with this single garment and all you have to do is put some effort into the styling. If you haven’t heard about BTS already then you must be living on a different timeline. The septet from South Korea have become the biggest boy band in the world and the popularity seems to soar more.

The septet often attends award events and promotional shows where they look no less than perfect in their designer clothes. Fashion seems to be an easy job for the men and everytime they do not fail to amaze us with their outfits. For the Jingle Ball 2019 the men were sporting white tuxedos and when you take the look at the outfits you can find the potential of the white tuxedos.

White Tuxedo Starting with the dance leader Jhope, the man sported the standard white tuxedo look of pairing the tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and a black pocket square. He completed the look with a pair of white wholecut shoes. If you are looking for a conventional groom tuxedo white outfit then this should be your look. V also sported a similar kind of look but with a black shawl lapel white tuxedo jacket groom which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black long tie and white shoes. The rapper Suga was seen wearing a contemporary style of the shawl lapel tuxedo with a white tuxedo shirt and white bow tie.

Now if you are a fan of contrasting styles then you should try going with Jin’s style. The eldest of the septet was seen wearing a groom white tuxedo jacket which he paired with a white tuxedo shirt, black bow tie and black tuxedo pants. The leader RM also sported a similar style but with a black long tie. Jimin and Jungkook went with a more different look by pairing the white groom tuxedo mens with a black tuxedo shirt and black bow tie. While all these men went with the 2 piece look you can also add a groom tuxedo white vest for a more formal style.