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In the 1920s, bowler hat was generally preferred by most men whereas Fedora was the choice of gangsters. It is a hat that has an indented crown with a soft brim. These are generally creased with diamond crowns on center or triangular dents with varied positioning of pinches. At times teardrop crowns are also used. They can be made with cotton, straw, waxed or oiled cotton, linen, hemp, wool or leather etc. Straw Optima Panama hats were the hat of choice for gangsters during the summer. The most favorite accessory that gets paired well with mobster and gangster costumes is the black fedora hat It is basically a unisex hat but it fits great for both men and women. The sleek black ribbon around its base is one of the classic features of the black hat. The inner diameter of the hat is 8 inches approximately. This hat can be spruced up with any costume such as Mafia costumes, Gentlemen costumes and as outfits for Gatsby themed parties and much more. The typical style of men’s hats pairing up with the gangsters costume is the black fedora. It is very often confused with the trilby hat. The brim is short and narrow in the trilby hat, whereas it is much wider in the fedora. Panama hats are some occasionally used fashionable hats that can suit well for formal and casual events. It gives an enhanced mobster look for any themed parties. Here are some of the best collection for you to, explore, pair up with your suits and check out.

Funny Black Fedora Party Hat

The hat is made up of cardboard which is covered by a thin layer of polyester. It is very coal comfortable to wear, light in weight, well ventilated due to its thin fabric content. This hat can be paired with a classic suit or a casual outfit. It also serves a good function of the costume hat

Pinstripe Hounds tooth short brim Fedora

It is made up of 100% acrylic with a solid band and a trilby design. The circumference of the head can be fixed up to 23 inches. The crown measures 4.5 inches. The hat is very durable due to its soft but tough material. It comes in different shapes and sharp unique designs.

Livingston Men Pin striped

This hat for men comes in different colors such as charcoal grey, grey stripes, black, solid grey. It is well ventilated and made of the soft blend cotton fabric.

Classic Manhattan Trilby Fedora

 loafer This hat is made of 100% blend wool and it comes in a traditional design with a pinched and teardrop shaped crown with the brim slightly curved white felt Fedora- Mobster costume hats.

The material of the hat is 80% wool felt and 20% polyesters. The wool material retains the head warm and cozy due to its water repellant and stain resistant material.

These are some classic examples of some gangster hats that can be paired up with any sort of fashion suits