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Mens Beige Fedora Hat

Fedora hats are one of the accessories in history that has varied reputation. If you are a style of vintage styles then Fedora is the right pick for you. Fedora actually is not one style since it has changed and refined over the years that it had stayed in style. Now for basic understanding what constitutes a Fedora is that it is a soft felt hat with an indented crown and has about four to six inches in height and about two to four inches wide brim. The crown of the Fedora is the key detail which is pinched in the intersection in the top and sides of the crown. One of the main feature of Fedora is that it can be shaped, creased and bent into different combinations based on the taste of the wearer.

In earlier times, wearing a headwear was required of any gentleman and it was included in the dress codes for any social occasions. Therefore there were a lot of styles available at that time like the top hat, bowler hat, Homburg and flat caps.

Fedora got its name from a play titled in that name when a actress in that play wore a creased soft felted hat. Before that these kind of mens beige fedora hat were only worn by lower and middle class men as a multi purpose one. Then at the end of the century a magazine cited a snippet declaring the Fedora as a country hat which meant that it is more casual in nature. As for upper class men, Homburg still dominated as the felt mens beige fedora hat of choice. This turned when in 1924, the Prince of Wales who was considered the fashion icon of his time was spotted wearing a Fedora instead of the Homburg. This had a major influence over the styles preferred at that time and soon people were seen wearing Fedora more thus making it a mainstream style.

 loafer Then the war came and with the shortage of shellac that was used for making stiff mens beige fedora hat people shifted more towards the casual style thus making it a major fashion choice for over next 4 decades. Also the Fedoras flexible style made it versatile since it can be altered into a number of shapes according to your preference. Soon the style entered the Hollywood and almost all notable celebrities were seen wearing this style which only heightened it popularity. Then its popularity fell when John F Kennedy went to take his Oath of Office without wearing a hat thus making wearing a hat an out of style fashion.

In recent times the wearing of mens beige fedora hat style is making a comeback especially among the younger generation. Styling it properly can make it work with almost any outfits be it formal or casual. Fedoras work well with formal wears like suits and office wear. If you are going for a formal look then keep the color of the hat to dark like black and brown. But if its for casual use or when pairing with light suits then go with colors like white, cream suits and beige.