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Checker Dress Shirt

A checkered dress shirt typically consists of a design of grid pattern, where straight lines intersect at right angles. These extremely cool shirts are usually used as formal wear; however, it can also be used as informal wear. Totally depends on how you style a checkered shirt. For example, if you wear a blazer over a checker shirt, that is very stylish yet formal. Wearing a white t-shirt with a red button-down shirt over it and blue jeans is considered informal.

The checkered shirt is always in style. It’s timeless. It became very popular the first time around the late 2000’s and never went out of style simply because of the fact that they look so classic, stylish and smart! Everyone, from musicians in music videos to cowboys were (and still are) wearing it. The checkered shirt is available is a wide range of colors like red, yellow, blue, black, pink, purple, orange, navy, grey and everything in between. This shirt is also known as plaid checkered shirt and striped shirt. The plaid tuxedo jacket is the same- consisting of grid pattern designs all over the fabric. They are available to men of all shapes and sizes- long, tall, big, short, whatever. This is a favorite and no-brainer choice for every one out there. So simple yet so elegant.

It is typically seen that smaller grid patterns are used for formal wear in corporate offices and such other work places. This style of shirts is almost a prerequisite for employees and managers in the IT sector.

How to style a checkered shirt properly?

For formal wear, it is recommended that a light or dark blue plaid shirt with navy blue tie, and navy or black two-buttoned blazer does the trick. Other colors, such as red, black and grey also work great. Add on leather shoes for some extra magic to the look. Throw on a good watch with that too!

Checkered shirts are ideal and the easy go-to option for literally all seasons out there. Especially spring, fall and summer.

These shirts are typically made of cotton fabricsfabric and are breathable, easy to wash, require low-maintenance and are durable; they last quite a few years without wear, tear and fading.

Now that you clearly know about the various styles and designs in checkered shirts. And know what to wear at formal and informal occasions, we’ll address the question ‘where do I buy a good, high-quality checkered shirt?’. Visit us through Checker Dress Shirt and indulge yourself in the versatile beauty of amazing range of shirts we have available for you.