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Gingham is a lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth that is usually checkered. "Gingham" comes from the Malayan word ‘genggang’, or "striped." The way gingham is identified, as being a contrasting-check shirt, is not at all the way it was originally known or meant to be known. Genuine gingham can usually be distinguished easily by "dyed in the yarn" fabric, meaning the yarn is dyed before it is woven.

The difference between gingham shirt and checkered shirt is that the gingham men shirt originated as an alternating red and blue prints woven with white. Gingham usually has smaller grid patterns whereas the checkered one, that originated as an alternating grid pattern of red and black, has larger grids.

These shirts are available in a plethora of different styles and colors like grey, black, blue, red, yellow, tan, teal, lilac, vintage navy, turquoise and of course, white and so much more. It can even come in contrast collar neck shirt where the collar is of a different color than the rest of the shirt. Looks pretty cool that way. They can be long sleeveand short sleeved, like any other shirt in the world. And they come for men of all sizes- medium, small, extra-large – everything. It is also often known as ‘plaid shirts’.

It is recommended that gingham men shirts have to be well fitted and hug your body to make the look good enough. These shirts can be worn with a leather jacket and denim jeans if you are going for a more casual look.

Darker colors such as dark green, mauve, navy, forest green, brown look amazing on all body shapes. For a more summery look, try lighter colors like yellow, sea green etc. Pair it with black or beige chinos, throw on sunglasses and good watch to complete the look. It is another day and striped or checkered shirts just isn’t hitting the right spot? Want something different but also has to be professional enough? If you are looking for something simple yet professional for a casual office event, go for a blue and white gingham men shirt. If you want to add more to it, add a black and navy blue blazer, leather shoes and chinos or dress pant trousers to complete the look. It can also be worn over a white polo shirt and just leave the buttons of the gingham men shirt open. Wear it with chinos or black or beige shorts and loafers to add that spark. The cotton or flannel gingham shirt is perfect for any casual occasion. The contrast collar style in gingham style can be worn with normal trousers to a casual event or gathering. For a more professional look, pull off a more flattening look by wearing a Herington blazer and tie over it. Tan leather shoes goes great with blue denims and blue gingham men shirt.

The reason why gingham shirt is so popular – the material is very comfortable! Gingham is basically made of cotton and so the material is breathable, easy to wash and iron, requires low-maintenance, absorbs sweat and does not heat up the person wearing it. It is sturdy enough to give good shape but also lightweight enough to be flexible and comfortable. The yarn is dyed before it is woven, and so the shirts looks the same on both the inside and outside.

Are gingham shirts still in style? Gingham men shirts originally came into England in the 17th century and it was only a striped fabric. Later on, from mid-18th century, it came to be a checkered one, at the mills of Manchester.

It became very popular the first time around the late 1950’s and 1980’s and never went out of style simply because of the fact that they look so classic, stylish and smart! And as we know, many vintage styles like this have continued to top the charts till this day and date. The gingham men shirt is such a simple yet sophisticated design and always looks so smart on men.

The gingham fabric was especially popular during the 19th century. Why are gingham shirts so popular? The reason is that check shirts or gingham men shirts are very common and essentials to every man’s wardrobe. It is an easy pattern and a no-brainer style to go for. You do not need extra accessories or too many stylish garments to style it with. There are good options for everyone and suits every individual style and taste.

 loafer This shirt can be worn anywhere, anytime. Most preferably, wear it if you are working in the corporate sector, or IT sector or another such professional sector that has a dress code. Going for an interview but do not know which shirt to go for? Which one can make a good impression? A blue or black or navy tienavy gingham is an amazing way to go. It has good chances make you come through as the trustable, perfect candidate for the job or work. Zac Efron has been seen wearing a navy blue shirt with navy tie and blazer and rocked it, as is expected. You can steal that classic, chic look too. So now that we have talked about how you can style a gingham men shirt, what it goes with, what it does not go with, where to and when to wear it, let’s address the elephant in the room- where can you buy a good, high-quality, stylish floral shirt? Where can you get enough options to choose from without having to go outside to shop for it, from an amazing store that is online?

But most importantly, where can you get a gingham men shirt that is not overpriced, just the right fit for you while hitting the exact right spot for the style factor? Here at Gingham Shirt you can get designer gingham men’s shirts, that is fit for all occasions. If a shirt does not hit you right, take a look at our cheap yet high quality suits, trousers and more, specifically designed for the likes of gentlemen like you.