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Men’s Paisley Dress Shirt

The mens paisley dress shirt derives its name from the popular paisley design. This popular twisted teardrop pattern is originally Persian and names after the town of Paisley. The design represents the cypress tree which is a Zoroastrian symbol of life and eternity. How cool is that?! This fashion became very popular in the Mughal period between the years 1500-1700. It was mostly seen on shawls and rugs. So as it can be seen already, this design is an ancient and highly elegant one. The paisley design adds color and magnificence to any piece of clothing it is on. The paisley design actually symbolizes fire and according to many, even the yin and yang aspect of life in this modern day.

This design on a men’s shirt has taken significant holding in present day men’s fashion. Such printed shirts come in all sizes- small, medium, large, extra-large- and come as both long sleeved and short sleeve. The paisley dress shirt can be worn just like a normal non-printed white dress shirt is worn with a suit. If that does not sound too good, there are plenty other ways. Keep reading to know more. The cuffs of paisley shirts can often come at a different color than the actual color of the shirt, and that’s because it looks very cool. If you want the cuffs of the long-sleeved paisley shirt to have paisley designs too, that is also always there.

There is a big surge of prints right now, and if you are considering giving this unique print a chance, then we got some suggestions for you. Paisley pattern with fewer color and more white space appears bolder than those which are more filled-in. Experiment with different kind of accessories. Easy casual options could be trying on a pair of sunglasses with your paisley, loafers or good brown shoes and gold watch. The best looks come from varying shades of one solid, rich, vibrant color paired together. Work with a monochromatic color, in other words.

So if you have, say, a blue paisley shirt, look at the color wheel and build the look on many other shades of blue. black dress pantsDress pants, chinos are great trousers to go for. Look for more desert or neutral colors, because neutral colored paisley shirts look more approachable and easy-going and are easier to pair with other accessories, trousers, blazers and suits in your wardrobe.

The paisley shirts are the perfect match for you if you want to try out newer prints, or want certain embellished, printed shirts in your wardrobe, but you do not want to go overboard. Paisley shirts always give an exotic look to men, which is why it also gets them noticed. This style of shirts is typically worn during casual gatherings with friends, family, work party, dinners or an outing with co-workers outside of workplace- pretty much anywhere. Paisley printed shirts make the perfect vacation outfit. Going out on a vacation during summer and want to stand out casually and make a statement? Go for these unique Persian prints, just make sure you style it correct.

 loafer A short sleeved orange paisley, for example, can be worn with beige colored chinos. Accessorize it with a pair of sunglasses, loafers and maybe even a hat (if you are into it). The paisley shirt comes in literally all colors of the wheel- brown, black, orange, red, pink, blue, ash, beige, yellow, navy and every other color in between. For a more formal look wearing the paisley shirt, go with paisley designs that are more subtle- smaller and in one solid color (preferably a darker color, such as brown or black). Wear a tie of the same color or a color that is a very near to the shirt, black dress pants or formal trousers, brown belt and of course, the good old a blazer to complete the look. Make sure the shirt is well fitted. This formal style of wearing a paisley always looks great on every man.

The reason why this design of shirts is so popular among men is that paisley came to be identified with psychedelic style due to the rising surge of psychedelics during the 1960’s in America, partly due to The Beatles. It became the iconic style during the that specific decade as ‘hippies’ got into the multicultural aspect of humanity and Eastern philosophies and so, popularized this Indian-Persian design. The pop culture during that time, really popularized floral and paisley prints.

If it’s comfort and vibrancy you are looking for, pair a paisley shirt with orange chinos. You could consider grey derby shoes or white canvas and a beige jacket to complete the ensemble. If it is the flirty, flamboyant, very casual look you want, then go for wearing a paisley shirt with blue denim jacketdenims. Add a denim jacket and brown leather boots to it too! These shirts are ideal for the summer, spring and fall season. The brighter days, when the sun is shining bright, and you want a look that can reflect your light, good mood of the day while letting you stand out? Go for the chic, fashionable paisley shirt.

So now that we have talked about how you can style a gingham shirt, what it goes with, what it does not go with, where to and when to wear it, let’s address the elephant in the room- where can you buy a good, high-quality, stylish men’s paisley printed shirt? Where can you get enough options to choose from without having to go outside to shop for it, from an amazing store that is online?

But most importantly, where can you get a paisley shirt that is not overpriced, just the right fit for you while hitting the exact right spot for the style factor? Here at Paisley Dress Shirt you can get designer paisley men’s shirts, that is fit for all occasions. If a shirt does not hit you right, take a look at our cheap yet high quality suits, trousers and more, specifically designed for the likes of gentlemen like you.