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Striped Dress Shirt

MensSlimFitStripeShirtwithTieandHandkerchiefin Stripes are a series of parallel lines that never cross each other. They are a design pattern found in many men’s and women’s clothing. It is especially popular among men’s clothing as this pattern is common in suits, shirts, vests, ties and trousers. Stripes on a garment actually emerged during the medieval times. Back then, only criminals, clowns, hangmen etc. were seen wearing stripes until Queen Victoria came in and gave it a new meaning. Stripes are often also known by the name of ‘gingham’ and ‘plaid’, although there are differences among these individual designs. Are stripes still in style? The striped dress shirt is always in style. It’s timeless. It became very popular the first time around the early 15th century and never went out of style simply because of the fact that they are the absolute ideal design for formal wear shirts. It is always highly recommended that every corporate or IT sector worker wears these shirts at the workplace. The specific style seems to make way in every man’s wardrobe. It is essential and no one can deny it. Stripes have supposedly come back into style in the recent years, but true men’s fashion aficionados know that they have been around for a long, long time.

It is often said that if stripes are staple in your wardrobe, it says a lot about your personality. It says that you have a strong sense of self-worth and you are most likely a go-getter. Apparently, it signifies that you are a fast-moving energy, passionate and driven. According to Cosmopolitan, you may also be a good multi-tasker, if you like stripes. The striped men dress shirt is a business staple and represents professionalism. This makes you appear more powerful and gives a more distinctive presence. There are mainly two different kinds of striped shirts- horizontal stripes and vertical. Horizontal stripes make one look wider than they actually are and vertical does the opposite. Vertical stripes are ideal I you want to appear taller and slimmer than usual.

NavyStandardCuffLongSleeveDressShirtTwoTone The striped dress shirt comes in all colors across the color wheel and in all shapes and sizes. Short-sleeved, long sleeved, small, medium, large, extra-large- everything is available and looks good. It comes in colors of navy blue, red, pink, burgundy, white, black and white, purple, light blue (which is in high demand always), brown, purple etc. It also comes in collar contrast (collar of shirt is of a different color than the rest of the shirt itself) and pinned down collar shirts. These shirts come in so many different kinds of collars, and cuffs- be it French cuffs or two-buttoned ones. This design on a men’s shirt has taken significant holding in present day men’s fashion. The striped men dress shirt can be worn just like a normal non-printed white dress shirt is worn with a suit. If that does not sound too good, there are plenty other ways. So if you have, say, a navy blue of black and white shirt, look at the color wheel and build the look on many other shades of blue and black. Dress pants or chinos are great trousers to go for. Few good ways to wear horizontal stripes could be- pairing a horizontal striped shirt with blue ripped jeans and tan boots that gives off an easy, flirty look. Go for a laid-back and effortless choice by opting for a green or red horizontal striped shirt and black chinos. Complete the ensemble with suede loafers. Horizontal stripes and beige or black shorts are the perfect way to add the extra chic to your wardrobe. Add on a jacket of the same color. Or if you are wearing stripes with denims, go for a denim jacket too.

StylishClassicFrenchCuffStripedDressShirtwithTieand If you want to look more professional and suave with this dress shirt, then try wearing a dark colored one (like purple, navy, brown) with a brown or black or navy blue windowpane suit. Go with light colored (white, beige) trousers and brown derby shoes.

The striped dress shirts are the perfect match for you if you want to try out newer prints, or want certain embellished, printed shirts in your wardrobe, but you do not want to go overboard. These shirts always give an exotic look to men, which is why it also gets them noticed, in a very good and positive way. For a more formal look wearing the striped dress shirt, go with the designs that are more subtle- slimmer lines and in one solid color (preferably a darker color, such as brown or black). Wear a tie of the same color or a color that is a very near to the shirt, black dress pants or formal trousers, brown belt and of course, the good old a blazer to complete the look. Make sure the shirt is well fitted. This formal style of wearing a paisley always looks great on every man. A sophisticated look of three piece suits with this unique designed shirt is an effortless way to upgrade the look. Polka dot shirts are typically ideal for any season- just style it well. So now that we have talked about how you can style a striped shirt, what it goes with, what it does not go with, where to and when to wear it, let’s address the elephant in the room- where can you buy a good, high-quality, stylish men’s striped dress shirt? Where can you get enough options to choose from without having to go outside to shop for it, from an amazing store that is online? But most importantly, where can you get a striped shirt that is not overpriced, just the right fit for you while hitting the exact right spot for the style factor? Here at Striped Dress Shirt you can get designer striped men’s shirts, that is fit for all occasions. If a shirt does not hit you right, take a look at our cheap yet high quality suits, trousers and more, specifically designed for the likes of gentlemen like you.