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Men’s Windowpane Dress Shirt

A mens windowpane dress shirt typically consists of a design of grid pattern, where straight lines intersect at right angles. The name was derived from how the design of these shirts looks like a classic windowpane. These extremely cool shirts are usually used as formal wear; however, it can also be used as informal wear. Totally depends on how you style this design of shirts. For example, if you wear a blazer over a checker shirt, that is very stylish yet formal. Wearing a white t-shirt with a red button-down shirt over it and blue jeans is considered informal.

The windowpane dress shirt is always in style. It’s timeless. It became very popular the first time around the early 17th century and never went out of style simply because of the fact that they are the absolute ideal design for formal wear formal wear shirts. It is always highly recommended that every corporate or IT sector worker wears these shirts at the workplace. The windowpane style seems to make way in every man’s wardrobe. It is pretty much an essential. Windowpanes have supposedly come back into style in the recent years, but true men’s fashion aficionados know that they have been around for a long, long time.

This unique shirt is available in a wide range of colors like red, yellow, blue, black, pink, purple, orange, navy, grey and everything in between. This shirt is also known as plaid checkered shirt sometimes. The only difference between these shirts is that the plaid checkered shirt has more alternating grid patterns whereas the windowpane grids are plain grids and smaller in dimension compared to the checks on a plaid shirt. Although similar to the graph checkered shirt, the grid formed by the windowpane of the crossing lines of the windowpane usually creates squares rather than rectangles. They add the illusion of taller height and broader torso in men.

The lines forming a windowpane can be softly or strongly defined, broken up or even doubled. Color pairings in the arena of a windowpane shirt is recommended to be complimentary and more in the solid ranges. Working with many shades of one solid color works the best. The color of the panes and how defined the lines often determine how bold or conservative the result is. Solid lines in bright colors are more assertive than muted lines. The size of the boxes also has a bigger impact than you may think. If the panes are large on a jacket, it is expected that it is more conservative than one with numerous panes since the more the number of boxes the more chaotic the pattern is.

These shirts come in many fabrics. But usually come in cotton and flannel. These garments are breathable, easy to wash, require low-maintenance and are durable. They come for men of all shapes and sizes- small, medium, large, extra-large, slim fit- everything. The windowpane shirt is the most popular, common and in-demand shirt.

How to style a windowpane dress shirt properly?

It is usually recommended that a light or dark blue windowpane shirt with navy blue tie, and navy or black two-buttoned blazer does the trick, if you are appearing for a formal event and need last-minute adjustments. Don’t forget to get a brown belt too. Other solid colors, such as red, black and grey also work great, and leather shoes to add that extra charm. So basically, with your checkered design, you have to go with a small or subtle pattern on your tie and solid colored blazer. Avoid wearing too many items with too many designs- it loses its formal and subtle touch. For more informal occasions, like birthday parties, normal college day or even grocery shopping, the basic and classic look of pairing the classic shirt with blue denim or beige chinos and white sneakers always works. Other than that, one may consider wearing the windowpane shirt as an overall\light jacket over a polo t-shirt underneath. For winters, layer it with blazer and boots.

To make yourself look more interesting, you could go for the double-breasted, 2 button suit with the men’s windowpane dress shirt. Do not forget the belt and to add good brown leather shoeleather shoes to the look. Black works better. Remember to put on the quintessential cologne. If it is a wedding you are looking forward to, wear a dark suit (navy blue, black, dark grey) with blue or ash dress shirt.

 loafer Shirts of this specific design are easy to wear in any season and during any time. Spring, fall, winter, summer- everything works. The reason why this design of shirts is so popular among men is that windowpane design came to be identified with the corporate lifestyle due to the rising surge of middle-class working men surging the 20th century in America. The windowpane shirt is just a variation of checkered, striped and plaid shirts.

Almost all ties and designs of suits go with the windowpane shirts. Since the shirts are such a minimalistic, subtly designed ones, it is easy to wear a more embellished tie as your taste commands.

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