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Black And White Striped Suit

Stripes are the patterns that receive most love from men since it is the one that they feel comfortable wearing. Black and white striped suit is the most basic style that you can go to with. The colors black and white beautifully contrast with each other and thus would give you a classic outfit. They are also easy to style and thus if you do not know what to wear for a specific event the mens black and white striped suits will save your day. For people who are new to stripes it might be lightly intimidating to dress the outfit with patterns but this is where we come in. In this article we will help you to select the best black and white striped suit and also style it in the right way.

Pinstripe Suit Stripes – A small history

The stripes has always been synonymous with the bankers style since black and white striped suits was almost the uniform of the American and British bankers in the early 1900s. The difference between the employees of different banks were found using the stripes on their suits since various banks adopted different strength and spacing of the stripes. After that black and white striped suit mens was adopted by the gangsters and such. But when the economic crisis happened in the start of the 21st century the pinstripes lost their popularity and thus people used it for the casual garments. But now the striped suits are coming back in style.

Choosing the stripes

Pinstripe suits are the classic choice but there are also other choices available in the black and white striped suit. Chalk stripe suits are also a great choice for the events that are more of a casual nature. The choice of your black and white striped suit will depend on the nature of the event that you are attending. For example the pinstripe suits are best for the subtle and formal events. Black and white pinstriped suits would be even comfortable to use as the workwear.

Party suit Chalk stripe black and white suits come with thicker stripes than the pinstripes and thus are considered to be more casual. Black and white chalk striped suits would be a perfect pick if you are dressing for a summer or spring party. The pinstripes will be less apparent and might blend in well with the suits but the chalk stripes will be bolder. Thus depending on what you want the subtler or bolder choice you can pick your pinstripes.

Different ways to style the black and white striped suits

Black and white mens striped suits can be greatly versatile when you know to style them right and thus it would be best for you to consider the different ways to make it work. Here are some of the tips for styling the black and white striped suits that might work for you.

Classic for starters

If you are trying out the striped look for the first time then we would recommend you to stick with the classic and the easiest style. In that case pinstripe black and white suit is the best since they are the most subtle. You can wear them for even your Monday morning and it would never look out of place. If it is a most formal event like a work dinner then try going with the 3 piece black and white striped suit. The vested black and white striped suit would be a more formal choice than the usual 2 piece suits.

But if you are done with the subtler choices and want to try a bolder outfit then chalk striped black and white suits is the best choice. The white chalk stripes on the black background would give you a classy and awesome look but start with styling them for the casual events.

Try mix and match

The full black and white striped suit is a great choice for the starters and if you are not ready to think too much about the styling. But if you can afford to spend more time into picking out the outfit then style the black and white striped suit as separates.

Black Suit Striped Suit 3 Piece Suit Italian Suit

Style the black and white striped suit jacket with a white dress shirt, a black tie and a pair of solid black dress pants. When you add a pair of black leather Oxford shoes you get an outfit that would be a perfect choice for any formal event. But if you find this outfit to be too formal then go with losing the tie and go with the smart casual look.

Other than this you can also choose to style the black and white striped suit pants with other garments. The separates approach is easier to style and will also help you get a more relaxed outfit.

The casual approach

It is true that the black and white striped suit is a classic choice. They look great when styled with the formal garments like white dress shirt and a formal tie. But if you want a casual look with the black and white striped suit then you can definitely go with it. For example you can style the 3 button black and white striped suit with a plain white crew neck t-shirt for a clean and refined look. For a winter outfit you can style the black and white striped wool suit with a roll neck or turtleneck so that you can keep warm while also being stylish.

Choose combining garments wisely

When choosing the combining garments try going with the ones that combine well with the suit. When you choose the shirt which matches the color of the stripes on the black and white 2 button suit then you will get a coordinated look. For example if the single breasted black and white striped suit has white stripes then go with white dress shirt and black tie. But if it is a white and black striped suit that comes with black stripes then go with black combining garments.