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Striped mens suits are a good twist to add to your wardrobe of usual black and navy suits. It is a bold look that is seeing a great revival during the recent years. The striped mens suits gives you confidence and you can easily style them to out of office affairs and sometimes even to office use. When going with the striped mens suits you will have to style it right for a great look. Thus here are some tips that will help you style your striped suits the best.

Single-Breasted-Charcoal-Grey-Suits There are a lot of styles in striped mens suits and the first step is to select the right type of stripes that suit your need. If you want a crisp look then it is best to go with pinstripe suit. The pinstripe suits have a rich history that has made it being in and out of style all these years. The pinstriped mens suits are the most formal business suits that you can get in the market. The stripes before the 19th century were mainly associated with prisoners. But it took a great turn when the banks in London adopted the pinstripe pants for their employees. The employees of different banks were instantly recognised with the unique colors, weights and widths. This style spread in the United States and this was the time the full pinstripe suits started showing up. By the 20s or 30s the US gangsters and mafias adopted the pinstripe suits as their uniform. Soon Hollywood recognised the style and Tony Montana and Tommy gun all came blazing with their guns in pinstripe suits. By 2008 the economic crisis hit and people hated bankers. This made the selling the pinstripe suits to decline. The pinstripes were soon adopted in casual garments like shorts, shirts and many others. The pinstripe suits resurged in popularity with some of our favorite stars like Daniel Craig rocking the suits effortlessly. Still now the pinstripe suits are considered to be the symbol of masculinity and power.

If you are thinking of trying the pinstriped men suits style then it is best to style them for the workplace or any other formal occasions. The advantage with the pinstriped men suits is that you can style them as separates and casual garments if you style it right. As for styling the pinstriped mens suits you can wear them as a full suit and pair them with a solid white shirt and a patterned tie for a formal look. You can complete the look with the help of patent leather shoes. Other than this you can pair them with a t-shirt or turtleneck for a smart casual look. For this you can wear a pair of sneakers or dress loafers. If you are a person who loves classic designs then it is best to go with pinstriped suits.

Three-Button-Sage-Color-Suit Three-Button-Sage-Color-Suit Single-Breasted-Black-Vest-Suit Single-Breasted-Navy-Blue-Suit

The next type of striped men suits that you can try out is the chalk striped men suits. When the pinstripes give you a sharp look, the chalk stripes are for a fuzzy look. Most people tend to confuse the pinstriped mens suits with chalk striped mens suits. The pinstriped mens suits uses a single thread to create the desired thin line effect while for the chalk stripe effect it uses a series of light threads. Other than this you can also go with rope striped mens suits. This pastern is mostly seen on worsted wool. The rope striped mesn suits will give a gentle weave and thus gives a spiral effect. The rope stripes are broader than the pinstripes and look the same as the chalk stripes.

Mandarin-Collar-Cognac-Color-Suit The width of the stripes on the suit should be selected keeping in mind your body type. Selecting the right type of stripe according to your body type and height will enhance your look. If you are a lean person you can go with chalk striped mens suits since they emphasize the girth and can make you look a little bulky. If you are a big person then you can go with pinstripe suits since the narrow stripes in the suits will elongate your frame and thus can make you look taller and slimmer. Thus pinstripe suits are a good choice for short and big guys.

As for the color of the striped mens suits you should get it according to your need. If you are getting the suit for formal ocacsions then you can go with classic ones like navy striped mens suits or grey striped mens suits. If you are going with colored suits you can reserve them for casual affairs. Here are some styling recommendations for striped mens suits.

If you want a formal elegant look then you can pair the blue 3 piece striped suit along with a white shirt and brown silk tie. For a coordinated look pair the ensemble with a pair of tobacco leather monks. You can easily rock this style for weddings and other dressy events. If you want a look that you can style to your office then you can go with navy striped mens suit with a white dress shirt and brown long tie. Pair the ensemble with brown leather monks. Another main thing with the striped mens suits is that you can easily rock the double breasted style. Double breasted striped men suits give you a formal yet stylish look that is a perfect combination for this century. A double breasted charcoal striped suit with a light violet dress shirt and a violet tie is a good style for summer wedding, pair it with brown leather Oxford shoes for a masculine aesthetic.

If you want to style the garment casually then you can go with single breasted striped mens suits. A grey striped mens suit along with a tan turtleneck and burgundy leather derby shoes will give you a cool classic look. You can also go with lighter color when it comes to casual striped men suits. A beige striped suit paired with a red polo and white canvas low top sneakers will give you a trendy look. If you want a more dressy look go with a burgundy striped suit with a burgundy silk shirt and black leather Oxford shoes.