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Conor Mcgregor Suit

ConorMcGregor is a well known name in UFCs but the man is also surprisingly well known for another thing- dressing stylishly. Anyone who regularly follows fashion would know that the man loves donning on new styles and never shied away from it. Also the fact that the man looks like a Greek God ( must I say Irish God ) helps also a little. Now if you are a fan of his moves and also his fashion looks this article is for you. In this article we breakdown some of his famous styles so that imitate it effortlessly.

When it comes to McGregor suits the key is smart tailoring. He is regularly seen wearing sleek and stylish suits whatever be the events. Most of the time the superstar fighter is seen wearing three piece conor mcgregor suit that are always tailored to perfection. As for the colors this is where the man stands out. While most of us would safely stick to greys and navys he also loves the hues but incorporates some cool additions like prints, checks or stripes.

If you would like to go with the mans sharp style then you should start with getting your wardrobe a well fitting blue ConorMcGregor suit or maybe two. Playing with the shades of blue from navy to midnight blue is his favourite. Always remember to pair the ConorMcGregor suit with white shirt. In lighter shaded you can go with slick patterns like pinstripe suit. As for tie go with long ones or bow tie based on the event that you are attending. In lighter color suits the man is always seen wearing patterned ties. Pocket squares are a must be it in a matching color or contrasting one like pink.

Grey is another favourite of McGregor and one of the easy look that you can definitely take inspiration from. There are a lot of tones available in the color and most of them look good with any colors especially blue. So try to explore a little and find the shade that works for your skin tone. As for pairing the grey ConorMcGregor suit looks good with white and lighter hues of pink and blue.

We have till now covered all the basic styles of McGregor but one that is his signature one is the checkered suit . He mostly is slick with his dressing but that does not mean that he does not do bold when the need comes. He is often seen rocking checked suits in bright colors in maroon, salmon, grey and blue which a flair that matches his strong personality.

As for one of the famous McGregor styles the F**k You suits are noteworthy. Though the style was not taken so kindly by the critics it marked a notable fashion moment and not for all good reasons. The suit had F**k You instead of pinstripes running down the length of it. So the basic key point to dress like the MMA fighter Conor McGregor is to be slick when required and to be bold when the need arises.