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Suits For Big Men

Mens-Two-Buttons-Blue-Suit Fit of the garment you wear plays a major role in the overall look. Any garment that you wear should fit you accurately according to your body type. When it comes to off the rack suits most fits that you get are for men of ideal bodies. More than half the population do not come under the perfect body list and hence styling becomes hard. In this article we are going to discuss about suits for big men and styling tips that will make you look great.

Men who are big and tall, tend to get a little hesitant when it comes to shopping for suits. People also recommend to go with a shirt and tie forgoing the jacket. But when you style the jacket right you can make it look great. A well fitting jacket will give the big men a whole new shape and boost your confidence.

The fit of the suits matter a lot. A nicely fitting suit for big men will turn the round lines into sharp and angular ones. The shoulders of the jacket are one of the most important aspects when it comes to the fit of the suit. Make sure that the shoulders of the suit hug your natural torso properly. When you get the big men suits you can take it to your tailor and have it pinch it at the middle of your torso. This can make your round midsection into a well fitting V shape. As for the length of the jacket it does not mean that you need to go with the longer one when you go with broader ones. You can alter it so that the length of the suit jacket barely covers your butt.

When you focus on the details of the big men suits, the fit will make you look taller and leaner. As for the materials of the big men suits you can go with lightweight ones that will fit you best. Thick heavy clothing like tweed suits will accentuate your size and make you look bulkier. The thick clothing will also hold the heat in and make you sweat more. Go with light ones like linen suits for big men and cotton suits for men for a more perfect fit. If you want formal clothing then you can replace your thick wool suits with cotton big men suits. If you want casual ones you can go with linen big men suits. These light ones will drape over your body better and feel better than the chunky ones.

You should always go with clothing that gives a clear defined shape. This places the structured clothing like suits, blazers and sport coats at the top. Big men should avoid clothing with soft and less defined outlines. Sweatshirts and sweaters come under this category and you should select these with caution. When you go with these clothes you need to go with nice close fitting ones by which you can avoid wrinkles and bulges. When it comes to clothes that you should avoid steer clear of loose t-shirts and baggy shorts. These loose fitting clothes will be hard to pull off and can be unflattering on heavyset men. When you go with shorts you should never go with baggy ones and instead go with well fitting dress shorts. In these cases you can stick with long sleeves and trousers that will give you a classy look.

When it comes to style of suits for big men it is better to go with single breasted styles. This is because of the fact that the double breasted big men suits are thicker and will make you look bulkier. Therefore stick with single breasted big men suits since they are lighter and will drape perfectly. Another advantage with the single breasted big men suits is that they are versatile. You can wear the single breasted suits for both formal and casual events. Double breasted suits are more formal and best for formal settings.

As for the color of the suits for big men there should be careful consideration. When you are selecting the suits you should stick with darker clothes since the light colors will draw attention to your body rather than your face. If you are getting your first suit then you can go with black suits for big men since it is the most versatile option you can get. Darker ones like navy suits and charcoal gray suits are good choices when you need formal garments. If you want casual ones you can go with slightly brighter ones like burgundy suits and olive green suits for big men. These are the suits you can style to events like summer weddings and fun parties.

mens-linen-clothing Other than the solid suits you can also go with patterned ones. But you should select the ones that will accentuate your positives. Pinstripe suits for big men are a great choice in making you appear trimmer. Also go with ones that are closely placed for the visual lengthening effect. Windowpane suits are also good choices for heavyset men. Go with vertically elongated windowpane suits for big men for a taller look. This will create a illusion of leaner and taller torso.

The lapels on the suit jacket also play a major part in projecting your look. For big men you should go with wide lapels to match the broad shoulders. If you want formal clothing you can go with peak lapel suits for big men. If you need a casual style then you can go with notch lapel big men suits. For a dressier look you can go with shawl collar suits. As for the pants you should wear them at the natural waist. In these cases you can avoid wearing belts since it can create an undesirable look of the mid section. You can instead go with suspenders.