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Peaky Blinders Suit

peaky blinders suit suits have gained a huge audience and is one of the few very that had did it in the past decade. With the 6th season on its way, the show has managed to create a excitement among its fans not only by its storyline but the costume designs of the main men in the film. The last time a certain costume style turned these much heads is in the Great Gatsby. The 1920s style have resurfaced thanks to this series with more and more people researching onto these dapper styles. Cillian Murphy is extraordinary as always grips the audience with his incredible acting skills and paired with the on point costume design he lives as the ganglord he portrays.

Not only Cillian Murphy but all the other men in the series sports impeccable 1920s styles of heavy fabrics, baker boy caps, cropped trousers and sturdy boots. Now if you are thinking of getting this Peaky Blinders suit style there are key points to remember before you start.

The overcoats that the men in the series wear have gained a fan following of their own. When shopping for the same style remember that the overcoat you buy should be long, lapelled and heavy. The designer of the series says that she selected the long ones so that the dramatic feel of the gangs can be maintained while fighting or just walking around in groups. As for the color it is best to stick with dark shades of charcoal, green and black.

Another thing that was noted is that the men always wore suits whatever be the sequence. For an authentic Peaky Blinders look you would need to go with a well tailored three piece suit. The trousers should be narrowed and shortened. As for the patterns checks and textured greys work and their favourite material is tweed since it is one of the best ways to include texture into the modern wardrobe. Also since the spinning of yarns was not that advanced at that time they still wore heavy fabrics and the patterns less detailed. Blue and brown peaky blinder suits are the signature look of the clan. Peaky Blinders suit style is all about going monochrome so you do not have to go through the tedious process of coordinating colors. To best recreate the look go for a heavy tweed peaky blinders suit with short lapels and matching vest and trousers. The pants were finished short with no break since the men had to wade through the muddy Birmingham.

As for the shirt of the Peaky Blinders clan they tend to rotate an array of stylish penny collar shirts. These shirts have a rounder collar which is smaller than the normal button up ones. This is a good pick since it is a perfect middle of the road look between the granddad collars and traditional collars. Wear your shirt in white with all the buttons fastened. For a casual weekend look you can go with soft flannel shirts and wear them with top few buttons unbuttoned.