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 loafer If you are a person who likes to try out new styles even in formal clothing then Nehru suits is another one option for you. Recently the Nehru suits trend has caught on among men of all generations. If you are not one among them and is currently wondering what Nehru men suits are then this article is just for you to know all about the current trend.

The Nehru men suits have it's origin in India and is now a famous style among most of the southeast Asian countries. The suit is named after Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was a prominent leader in the Indian independence movement. The main feature of the beige suits that distinguishes it from the normal suits is the collar of the suit. Nehru men suits usually feature a lapel less stand up collar that is short and which cannot be turned down. These type of stand up collars are also widely known as Mandarin collars. Mandarin collars are named after the mandarins in the imperial china but this has more Indian roots to it. The successful combination of the traditional Indian designs blended with the British tailoring made it a style favorite among both Indians and British. Soon the Mandarin collar and Nehru men suits style spread among other nations and even now is a major style in military attire.

The Nehru suits are similar to the usual suits with the exception of the Mandarin collar. The classic fit suit will have the variation in details that come in the usual suits like the single vent Nehru men suits and double vent Nehru men suits. The Nehru men suits will have jackets that come with matching trousers. The collar of the nehru men suits are fastened with the help of a hook and will have buttons or fasteners all through the length. Because of this the Nehru suit jacket does not show the shirt that you wear with it and hence collarless shirt would be a good style to wear with the Nehru suits. Other than the collarless shirts you can also try to wear turndown collar shirts but this may look bulky in the neck region when the Nehru suit jacket is fully buttoned. Thus it is better to stick with the collarless shirts since the Nehru suits are mostly preferred for the clarity of the look. These suits are often falsely known as Mao suits but they have style differences. Contrary to the Mandarin collar of the Nehru men suits the Mao suits feature a turndown collar and have flap pockets which gives it a more military type look.

 loafer The Nehru suit will offer a distinctive look that makes you stand out from the crowd of people wearing usual suits. The Nehru suit have evolved in design over the time. At first the Nehru suit jacket was actually a short shirt that was usually worn over a kurta or worn under a coat. While the style and the way of wearing the Nehru suit jacket has changed over the years the basic structure of it still remains the same. The straight cut of the Nehru suit jacket with its Mandarin collar gives it the traditional elegant look which still remains a favorite classic look among men who like vintage looks.

As for the fabric from which the tan suit are made they were usually made from khadi in the initial times. Nowadays the Nehru men suits are available in all possible suiting fabrics and you can choose the one that best suits your taste. Cotton Nehru men suits are the ones that are recommended when you need a formal look. For a more casual laid back look you can go with linen Nehru men suits. Tussar silk and cotton are blended to create a new type of fabric and this is being extensively used for the making of the Nehru men suits. If you are getting the suit for a special occasions like say weddings then you can go with luxury ones like silk Nehru men suits and velvet Nehru men suits.

The trend started out with the solid Nehru suits but with the demands growing the evolution have started taking over. Nowadays patterned Nehru men suits and embroidered Nehru men suits have a great advantage over the usual solid ones. Nehru men suits are usually preferred for special occasions like weddings and fun events and thus these variations are more welcome for a distinct look. Striped Nehru men suits and plaid Nehru men suits are a good style when you need a subtle look. But for a elegant and dressy look we advice you to go with Paisley Nehru men suits and floral Nehru men suits. Embroidered Nehru men suits will deliver a modern look that is great when the suit us decorated with threads of gold, silver or copper. This gives the garment a rich look and you can easily wear these suits to weddings and other celebratory events.

peach suits are a great style to try if you are bored with the usual single breasted suit design. Though the Nehru men suits are not a mainstream garment they still enjoy bouts of popularity. The first popularity bout happened when the Beatles came back from India and started wearing the Nehru suit style which helped it gather a major fan following among the British youth of that time. Thus if you have a event in which you can safely rock the Nehru suit style then do not hesitate to try on the style.

As for the fit of Nehru suits it needs to be perfect to deliver a flawless look. Custom made Nehru men suits are the first recommendations but if you are on a budget then we would recommend you to go with off the rack fit of Nehru men suits. Since it is a straight cut it is always best to go with slimmer styles of Nehru men suits. Slim fit Nehru men suits and classic cut Nehru men suits are the ones that are most recommended. If the search for the Nehru men suits is not satisfiable in nearby stores go with online shopping since you will find a lot more varieties and choices there.