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Chocolate Brown Suits

chocolate-brown-suits-for-men Choosing the right color for the suit is one of the main factors that influence the look that you sport. In recent times there are a lot of colors and shades available in the formal garments as opposed to the classic black and navy suits that were the norm in the earlier centuries. Also people are now more open towards trying out new styles and colors thus making the new colors to be the trend. One of the such recent trends is the chocolate brown suits. In this article we discuss this trend of chocolate brown men suits and why you should add one of these to your wardrobe collection.

Three-Button-Brown-Wool-Suit Brown as a color did not enjoy the privileges like black and blue. It was mostly avoided especially in formal garments stating that it gives a kind of country side vibe. But with the new shades of brown entering the market the brown has found a newfound fan following especially among the younger generation. The chocolate brown suits have been reaching the trending charts for more than 3 years now. They are much different than the muddy brown that we are used to imagining when we hear the word brown. When you carefully style the chocolate brown men suits it makes you look rich and gives a dapper vibe to the wearer. The key truly lies in the styling and picking of the details rather than the color itself.

Brown basically lies in the cooler side of the color spectrum and thus is better to be styled for gloomy months like winter and fall. Another advantage with the chocolate brown shade is that it can be easily coordinated with any other color. This makes the usage of the chocolate brown men suits as separates even more a easy feat. Also chocolate brown men suits look draped well because of the dark shade and thus will give you a clean cut look. If you are convinced and looking out to try the chocolate dark brown suit style then here are some tips and ideas that might be useful for you.

If you are thinking of buying the chocolate brown pinstripe suits we suggest you to go with 3 piece chocolate brown men suits. This is because of the fact that it is most versatile choice you can get in the market. Unless you dislike the look of the vest go with chocolate brown 3 piece suits. You can wear this look even to the most conservative offices. If you feel it to be too flashy then lose the vest and go with 2 piece chocolate brown suit. You can pair the formal chocolate brown suit with a white dress shirt or any light colored dress shirts like pale blue, pink, lavender and cream shirts. The vested chocolate brown suit can also be a good look for formal weddings and even for the attire of groom and groomsmen.

dark-brown-suits According to the formality of the event that you are attending you can select the details of the chocolate brown men suits. Wool chocolate brown men suits are a good choice for formal events since they have a subtle warm look to it. They also come in different variations like worsted wool chocolate brown suits or flannel chocolate brown suits. Chocolate brown looks great in fuzzy fabrics like worsted wool and tweed. Tweed chocolate brown men suits are one of the most recommended ones for distinct yet formal look. For semi formal and casual events you can go with linen chocolate brown men suits or seersucker chocolate brown men suits.

Mens-Two-Buttons-Brown-Suit For a dressy and classy look opt for luxurious ones like silk chocolate brown men suits and velvet chocolate brown men suits. Silk and velvet has a sheen about them that will look enhanced when it is paired with the dark colors like chocolate brown. Thus these luxurious chocolate brown men suits are some of the best choices for special events like weddings and important dinner parties. Other than these you can also try out the synthetic ones like polyester chocolate brown men suits and rayon chocolate brown men suits when you need to get the suit at a cheaper price. These synthetics suits might not be as comfortable as the natural fabric ones and can also cause skin allergies in people with sensitive skin or skin complications. These people can try out the organically dyed chocolate brown men suits that derive the dyes from wood.

The double breasted chocolate brown suits are definitely a splendid look but remember that they might look out of place when worn to casual events. Thus if you intend to use the chocolate brown suit you are purchasing for various events then we suggest you to go with single breasted chocolate brown men suits. For a formal look you can pair the single breasted peak lapel chocolate brown suit with a white dress shirt and a dark brown tie. Add a charcoal overcoat and a pair of brow leather brogues for a complete winter look. For a smart casual look you can pair the single breasted notch lapel chocolate brown suit with a black crew neck tshirt and black suede monks. For a classy dressed up look you can pair the single breasted shawl lapel chocolate brown tweed suit with a pink dress shirt and tobacco leather tassel loafers. You might not find this flexibility with the double breasted chocolate brown men suits since they are best to be reserved for important board meetings and work related dinner parties.

For a tonal look you can pair the slim fit chocolate brown suit with a tan turtleneck and brown suede tassel loafers. Head to toe brown is the new trend and you can take it a notch higher by adding a tobacco overcoat to the above ensemble. When you need a casual laid back look you can pair the classic fit chocolate brown suit with a white crew neck T-shirt worn under the floral long sleeve shirt. Complete the summer casual look with a pair of white canvas low top sneakers. Adding a dark brown leather belt and black sunglasses might be the cherry on top needed.