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When it is time of the year when you need to upgrade your formal wardrobe you should think about going with sharkskin suits. Most people who hear the term sharkskin suits for the first time and could get confused a little. For those people let us start with the basics. Sharkskin suits do not have anything to do with sharks and with that being cleared in this article we are going to give the basics of sharkskin suits and some styling tips for people who are thinking of trying it. Shiny-Gray-Slim-Fit-Tuxedo These suits are usually made of mohair or wool. They are also sometimes created with synthetic fabrics like acetate and rayon. These materials give the suit a two toned appearance since the fabric is usually basket weaved with two color threads by which is called a pick and pick twill weave. This gives the suit a shimmering appearance that looks like a shark skin and hence the name.

This suits have a soft texture and are very light in weight. They are mostly used for formal attire since it is wrinkle free. The glamorous look of the sharkskin- suits makes it perfect for formal and special occasions where you want to look dressed up. The sharkskin-suits have been at the height of popularity in the 1960s with many celebrities like Rat pack and Elvis constantly sporting the look. This suits made a comeback in the 80s in which the people mostly went with the boxy silhouette. In recent times the sharkskin-suits have an updated modern look that is a cool look from the previous iterations.

If you are thinking of getting a sharkskin suit then there are some things that you should note while purchasing it. The quality of the sharkskin suit is the first thing that you will have to note when it comes to purchasing the sharkskin suits. Premium super 120s sharkskin suit is the one that is most recommended when it comes to quality suits. The fabric will give you a smart look when tailored properly. The number 120 mentioned in the material of the suit refers to the fineness of the individual fibers. The smoothness and softness of the fabric increases, with the increase in this number. The super 120s suits are very smooth and soft to touch and the luster of the suits is also increased.

Brown-Two-Buttons-Jacket Mens-Designer-2-Button-Shiny-Cocoa-Brown-Sharkskin-Suit Mens-Designer-2-Button-Shiny-Beige-Sharkskin-Suit Mens-Designer-2-Button-Shiny-Beige-Sharkskin-Suit

The sharkskin suits have great properties that will make the wearer comfortable while donning it. These suits are breathable and lightweight making it a good choice for summer use. Another important characteristic of the sharkskin suit is its moisture absorption. These suits can absorb and evaporate the moisture fast and thus can be good look for summer and spring seasons. These suits are durable and if maintained right can last for a long time. You can also go with using this suits as separates. If you think the sharkskin full suit look is too flashy for the event you are attending you should opt with going for separates like sharkskin suit jacket or sharkskin pants. You can wear the sharkskin pants with a dark colored wool suit jacket for a casual day at office.

As for the color of the sharkskin-suits it is best to go with versatile cool tones. Cool sharkskin gray suits are best for formal use. You can easily wear them to any occasions like formal weddings and dinner parties. If you are going for a cool summer look you can opt to go with lighter tones like sharkskin tan suits and slate sharkskin blue suits. When styling as separates go with a light colored sharkskin garment paired with dark colored matches. For example a sharkskin light brown suit jacket paired with black slacks might be a good look. Since the sharkskin garments have a luster it is best to opt the other garments for a matte look.

Two-Button-Brown-Shiny-Suit These suits are mostly available in shades of gray since the name refers more to the color rather than the fabric itself. You can select the shade of the sharkskin-suits depending on the event that you are attending or the climate in which you are intending to wear it. The gray on the whole is achromatic since it is between black and white and thus most of its shades are considered to be a non color. The neutrality of the shade is always good news since you can match the shade with almost any colors. But when it comes to sharkskin-suits you should spend some time on finding the right shine and shade. Navy blue and lavender looks great when paired with sharkskin slim fit suits and as mentioned before it is best to keep everything else matte except the suits so that it will be the center piece of the outfit that you are wearing.

As for the details involved you can go with sharkskin double breasted suits when you want a formal style that can you wear to boardrooms. For this go with low shine sharkskin-suits since the shiny ones might be little distracting for the formal atmosphere. But if you are getting the suit for semi formal and casual use like weddings and such it is best to go with single breasted sharkskin-suits. This is a versatile style since you can wear them to almost any events be it formal or casual.

As for the lapels on the suit go with peak lapel sharkskin-suits when you need a formal look. If you are getting the suits for a casual office use then you can go with notch lapel sharkskin suits. sharkskin Shawl lapel suits are best for dressy events where you don't mind standing out. The shine of the sharkskin-suits must conform to the formality of the event that you are attending since the luster can be considered too much for some events. So make sure you get to know the basics of sharkskin-suits and then add the style to your wardrobe.