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Leonardo Dicaprio Inception Suit

Inception is a great film, no doubt about that but we will have to admit that it is not everyones cup of tea. I still remember my confused face reflection staring back from my laptop screen. Only after repeated watches I was able to make sense of what was going on. Now after leonardo dicaprioadmitting that he even does not understand what happened in the film.

since 10 years after it came out, I feel less like a moron. While the brilliance of Christopher Nolan cannot be easy to comprehend, the you need not be a pro to recognize the impeccable wardrobe choices of the characters in the film. The main men in the film wear costumes that are eye catching and makes us wonder why the film did not win any awards in the costumes area. But it makes sense because it is rare for any contemporary design.

One of the most famous and interesting styles is worn by Leonardo DiCaprio who plays the central character as Dom Cobb in the film who is a professional thief. The film is set in a dystopian world where the corporate dominance is high and his character cons secrets by infiltrating their dreams. Even the storyline is complex and Nolan spent decades in the making of this maze. Dom is a complex character who is haunted by his dark past and thus his outfits throughout the film are carefully designed so that it reflects his character. He always sports a mixture of monochromatic classic clothes which look subtle. While the colors involved is minimal the costumes have modern tailoring incorporated in it. The costumes that wears are always tailored impeccably and best in quality in both fabric and design.

The Leonardo dicaprio inception suit that he wears in the dinner scene is simple and clean. He sports a two button tux that is a classic American design. The monochrome palette makes it look modern and he wears a matching bow tiewith it. The tux instead of the famous shawl lapel of James Bond has traditional peak lapels. As said before the tailoring is impeccable and he carries the tux with the required elegance. He wears a classic white shirt below the jacket and the jacket sleeves end just before the French cuffs of the shirt. This means that the character does not like taking risks when it comes to fashion and sticks with the safest options.

The casual attire of the character is also equally eye catching ( given that everything Leonardo DiCaprio wears is eye catching ). He goes with light clothes like linen shirts and unstructured jackets thus matching the films architectural theme. The styles of the Leonardos character may seem simple on the first glance but a closer look may reveal that the detailed cuts and designs are intentional thus adding depth to the character. Now if you would like to imitate the style then choose subdued monochromatic colored Leonardo dicaprio inception suits with perfect tailoring. A sharply cut dark colored Leonardo dicaprio inception suit paired with a white poplin shirt and a tie will give you a futuristic look that looks more Cobb style.