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Leonardo Dicaprio Black Suit

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most photographed men on earth and that comes with a price. You will have to always take care how you look and dress properly since you do not know when a camera shutter clicks. But Leo looks like he does not have a care and always turns up effortlessly stylish even in casual times. You can image what the man who looks impeccable in casual styles would like when he dressed up for a formal event. For some time the Titanic starrer have spent his time sporting a scruffy face with a beard and long hair but his fashion never have taken a downside.

Leonardo DiCaprio black suit is known as one of the best dressed men in Hollywood. He always looks top notch be it for press tour or for Oscars. As for as we know the secret to the mans style is to stick with dark suits with contrasting light hued shirts both tailored with perfection. The 45 year old dresses his age and that is what makes him look dapper at any times. The style that he normally sports is a classic uniform one that can be pulled off by any age group of men. He mostly sticks with black suits with white shirts. Also one important thing to note is that Leo mostly leaves out the air tie and goes with a open shirt. While it might not be of trend it is a timeless old money look that would look good any time.

Be it for premier or for award shows, Leonardo DiCaprio always wears a stylish suit. The suits that he wears are mostly all black. The details of the Leonardo DiCaprioblack suits are always classic. The lapels are usually narrow and thin and the Leonardo DiCaprio suits itself are close fitting without it being too tight.

Of all celebrities Leo may be the one who you can easily imitate. If you want to dress up like him all you have to do is to go classic and select a Leonardo DiCaprio black suit with very little styling. You can opt for minimal patterns like pinstripes but always keep the Leonardo DiCaprio blacksuit classic since it is the key. If you stick with solid black then you can go with a white button up shirt and a black patterned tie. After this you will have to remember to complete the look with high quality black leather shoes. Sometimes he wears a black jacket with a matching black button down shirt although it is only for less formal events. The key to rocking this look is going without tie and leaving the top button of the shirt unbuttoned.

As for his personal style he is seen sometimes wearing trainers with his black and white shirts, something many gentlemen would fear. But the key point to this look is that your Leonardo DiCaprioblack suit should be perfect both in terms of the style and fit and when the trainers also match, it can make you look seriously stylish. Go for colors that complement the color of your Leonardo DiCaprio suit.