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Hitman Suit

If you are a persistent gamer or even a slightest one then you would know the namehitman suit . This legendary game was adopted into a film in 2015 under the same name. While some of the basic details vary most of the things is the same as in the game. In the film too the genetically modified assassin wears the same type of clothes he wears in the game. He first got these clothes when he wants to get out of the patient clothes. Being a man true to his mission the fashion style that he adopts is minimal and sticks with the same style almost all through the film.

If you are thinking of cosplaying the hitman for the halloween then it is one of the best decision since this style is as simple as it gets. All you have to do is search through your wardrobe and pull out a black blazer, a pair of black pants, black shoes and belt. For the tie it is the only thing he strays away from black and goes with a burgundy one. Now if you are the one who is true to his gamer spirit and go with the original costume in the game then here is the full guide.

In Hitman Codename 47 - Blood Money he is seen wearing a black two piece hitmansuit in which the jacket has two buttons and notch lapels. The shirt that he wears is white with black pinstripes and the red tie and black gloves remain the same. In Hitman: Absolution he wears a similar black hitman suit but the jacket has only one button in the in game text but in animation it has two buttons. In this season the shirt that he wears is plain white and has French cuffs. He sticks with red tie but sometimes is seen with black tie or no tie at all. The tie clip and the cuff links that he sports have the Hitman Insignia.

This costume is extremely easy to pull off since it is possible that you already have it in your wardrobe. If you are the one who likes to focus on the details then it is better to go with the film depiction for accuracy. In the film Agent 47 looks like a traditional villain ( not to say one of the best dressed) when he is seen wearing a black wool hitman suit with a matching overcoat. He is seen wearing the same style all through the film but if you focus on the details you would note that he changes hitman suits after the bombing fiasco in his Russian hotel room. But the only difference between the two hitman suits is that the number of cuff button changes. The jacket is single breasted with notch lapel tuxedo and two button front. The breast pockets are welted and the hip pockets are flap style. You can simply wear this style to a gathering even but for Halloween you can go with additional details like Barcode tattoo, black leather fingerless gloves, a black toy pistol and if possible a bald head!