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velvet suits One of the suit styles that you can check out if you are thinking about trying new styles is the velvet suit. We can literally sense some people physically flinch on hearing the words velvet suit. Before we go into the article let us make clear some of the points that may be swimming on your mind right now. No, velvet-suits aren't overdos and definitely not reserved for the celebrities and the models. Also, it is not very hard to pull off the velvet suit look. You just need to get the basics right and then some styling points that will make you look good in the velvet-suits. Today we are going to talk about one of the styles that men usually avoid since most men think that it is hard to pull off the look which is the velvet suit. This suits when styled right will be the perfect symbol of understated opulence but let us remind that the keywords here are styling right. When people mess up on the basics you can easily be pushed to get a woeful throwback of the 1970s and it will not be a good nostalgic one. Thus, it may be better that you get to know the basics and the details of how to style it right before buying a velvet suit.

First of all, we need to break the misconception on the velvet-suits since most men tend to avoid the style. Blue Velvet suits on the whole is a party season style that will definitely make you stand out from the crowd but is not the one that can be shown example to peacocking. The fabric of the suit in itself has a sheen about it that makes the suit look special. Also, the single breasted velvet suit is a versatile choice contrary to what most men think. Again if you get the basics right and then style it right you can even wear the double breasted velvet suit to a formal event.

Velvet suit is not a recent style in the mens fashion. It was one of the major styles that were considered to be the defining characteristic of the 60s and the 70s. The green velvet suit was considered to be symbolic at that time and represented the sentiment of defiance against the conservative classes and expectation that branches from that. Since then the meaning of the velvet suit and what it represents has changed a great deal. This is not a new feat to the velvet suit since the thing that it represents has changed regularly since its time of origin. For example in the earlier times the velvet suit was seen as a symbol of luxury and regality especially during the Renaissance period. Later in the 60s and the 70s it represented the defiance of the younger generation against the conservative class. At those times, popular make icons were all seen sporting the style. The velvet suit was one of the major pieces in breaking the gendered expectations on mens fashion. Men started wearing the velvet suit and also experimented greatly on the color and texture which was considered to be flamboyant at that time. All this being said how has this garment managed to stay in style is another story to tell. The baton for the popularity of the velvet suit on the whole is passed from Mick Jagger and now being carried by some of the influential men in the fashion industry. One of the best examples for these men is none other than the Mick Jagger clone himself Harry Styles.

green velvet suits If you are dressing for a formal event then it may be best to go with a black velvet suit with a white shirt and a black or red bow tie. You can pair this outfit with patent dress shoes or dress loafers. Also, the shade of the velvet suit also matters a great deal. For the formal events it is best to stick with the dark shades of the velvet suit like the navy velvet suit and midnight blue velvet suit. This dark colors match the formality of the event that you are attending and at the same time make you look stylish.

Now if you are styling the velvet suit for a semi-formal or a casual event then you have a lot more styles to choose from when compared with the formal events. For these events you can go with the bright shades like the burgundy velvet suit, green velvet suit and style it in an appropriate way. You can also go with the floral velvet suit and the paisley suit for a more stylish look. For these styles you can pair the velvet suit with suede loafers or the velvet slippers

4 button velvet suits Also, you can wear the purple velvet suit as separates. For example, you can wear a dark red velvet suit with a white shirt and look fantastic. You can wear the blue velvet suit jacket with an open necked shirt and jeans for an equally good look. When styling the velvet suit as a whole or as separates the main thing that you will have to consider is the type of event that you are dressing for. The velvet suit on the whole are considered to be the autumn or winter evening wear but the recent styles of suits have undergone great changes from incorporating jacquard to printed designs. Thus, there are a lot of styles in the fashion velvet suit to choose from and therefore you need to have a clear idea of what you need to get the style that suits you.

Another thing that you need to note in the red velvet suit is the cut of the suit. You must choose a sharp and flattering cut when it comes to the occasions that you will be required to be in velvet-suits. The cut of the red velvet suit should never look skimpy and should be of a snug fit. As for the proper fit it is best to go with the slim fit velvet suit. The skinny fit velvet suit would be too flashy and anything looser than the slim might look awful.