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Velvet Suits

If you don't know already, velvet suits for men are back in trend and people are loving it. When James Norton looked dashing in a midnight-blue velvet suit in the Little Women premiere the fashion world went ballistic. And the spell continued when Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio stepped into the Oscars 2020 donning a tux with a black velvet jacket. Since then the trend has spread widely and rightly so.

Velvet suits started out to be the symbol of royalty and ethnicity and then in time mutated into aid to make a fashion statement. But what matters is that it has managed to stay prominent over time.

Velvet suits may be your perfect pick when you aim to be the perfect blend of royal splendour and unparalleled fashionista of your party. The superiority of the velvet suits is that you can master both a casual look and a formal look if done right. Velvet has always been a statement of elegance with its ever present sheen and a classic look for decades. The lustre that surrounds it has made it a festive wear. The well cut velvet dress suits when paired with proper accessories like tie and shoes can invariably work wonders. If you have always loved distinctive choices you can go with the velvet suits that are accentuated with embroidery for a more regal look.

When buying a suit one should not only consider the perfect fit but also the fabric it is made of and where you buy it. It is the most imperative element because it leverages the longevity of the item that you buy. When you buy the suit make sure the velvet is made from cotton or silk and not from polyester or nylon. To maintain the condition of the suit make sure to brush it regularly and avoid getting it wet.

Mostly go for smooth velvet instead of crushed velvet. Crushed velvet is easy to find but a slight slip can render even your expensive designs to look cheap. Smooth velvet paired with the jewel shades can be your right choice to start with.

The climate is an important factor that dominates the look you can choose. Velvet in general is closely woven fabric of cotton, nylon and silk. But when compared to the silk suits velvet suits are breathable and can be worn all year. When summers has trademark cotton suits, velvet suits has always been the symbol of winter and autumn parties.The texture the velvet tends to offer in light makes it a glamorous choice for evening party wear.

Another place where the velvet suits score is the wedding look. It brings out the elegance of the atmosphere and completes the look. When Prince Harry looked dashing on his wedding day all attention turned to his black velvet dinner jacket. The charm it offered paired with simple white shirt radiated a refined nobility. These suits in full white is the perfect match for a grand wedding day or a church wear.

These suits can also give a casual touch to your formal wear and still give you a distinctive look. If a whole 3 piece velvet suit makes you feel very peacocky the your choice should be velvet separates. You could try different looks by ensembling a velvet overshirt with vest and jeans or a casual suit completing it with a velvet jacket. A velvet blazer combined with a well tailored pants and shirt would give you the perfect look with a hint of grandeur. A velvet jacket with a good waistcoat set can give a formal look if worn with dress trousers.

Truth be told velvet jackets are having the moment now. With increasing number of celebrities rocking the look of velvet jackets it has become the talk of the season. And the best part about it is the red carpet models are experimenting with different looks and we get to see new ideas. The answer to this is anything that is worn right is good to go. These readymade jackets can be used to pair with soft-touch fabrics but the key is to choose wisely. Pick a color and style that goes with your current wardrobe so that you can adapt to it. Mixing the jacket with timeless black or navy is a perfect choice. Coats are the choice when you don't want to be stuck with the velvet for the whole day. It can easily pair with any casual outfit without overpowering it.

When you go for a formal look slim, trim and taut tuxedos are a go to. This can perfectly serve as dinner jackets with velvet adding a touch of plush to the standard look of tuxedo. Velvet tuxedos with a slim fit can give sharp, snug look. Black velvet might be the conservative choice but midnight blue, dark blue, grey, mossy green and other dark colors like dark red and brown also can be good choice. Pairing a dinner jackets with a bow tie can add to the luxurious look.

Thinking of velvet often reminds us of glamorous musicians. Recently Elton John has been spotted rocking the velvet jacket on the red carpet of the Oscars.Velvet jackets when worn with a proper shirt can easily replace the leather jackets to give the subtle rock and roll feel. Velvet jackets when combined with silk shirts instantly give the party look without hardly trying.

When paired with a plain t-shirt, well fit trousers and a appropriate boots it gives you the perfect dressed down look. Paired with a casual set of jeans it can give you perfect streamline street look.

For a more casual look wear your velvet jacket along with a denim shirt. This when paired with low cut t-shirts and skinny jeans gives a easy prom look. You can also replace the t-shirt with with a formal shirt and along with a tie it could give the perfect attire.

On the contrary when it is worn with a roll neck sweater it gives a more formal look. A velvet jacket paired with a cashmere sweater and accessories like a scarf can bring out the chicness of the outfit. When selecting the colors if you go for a lighter jacket contrasting it with a darker jacket of the same color can give you a fine look. Matte- black shades have always been a great carrier of sleek look.

Velvet was always opted for evening looks rather than day wear but recent times have seen a increasing rise of it in runways as a daywear finally showcasing on how beautiful it looks in daily setting. Likewise velvet look has always been reserved for parties and occasions and people have shied away from using it for regular office looks. But when worn right it can also be pulled off as a office attire. The key is to choose a jacket which is not too sheeny and pairing it with a crisp white shirt and a business tie preferably of silk to match the look. Care should be taken that the jacket is ultra fitted like a office piece and with a pair of woollen trousers it would give a perfect corporate look.

If you are on the more savvy and dandy side, velvet is the perfect pick for you. When you want to be the talk of the party and for the right reasons go for the vibrant colors like wine red and rich blue suits paired with a white or black shirt. The patterned look is the latest design which has been gaining popularity but the plain velvet jacket has been a all time classic. If feeling experimental or rather confident try more collection of lighter colors like rose, mint and yellow. When feeling doubtful stick to deeper shades. Black velvet is a classic shade followed by bottle green and brown.

The velvet trousers you choose to wear has an important say in your outlook. If you go for a very tight fit it may become too glam rock and if it is too loose a fit it becomes a disaster. So the golden rule is to go for a slim, straight-leg cut. This is the perfect choice to get a " modern fit" that is just enough for a bit of ankle showing but not too tight as in skinny jeans. A perfect choice can accentuate your leg shape and thus care should be taken while selecting it.

Next in line is another trend that is fast growing. Velvet collars. This style is very much famous for its James Bond elegance. This offers a subtle look with a touch of luxury. When you feel it is too glitzy to go for a velvet trouser or a jacket, these velvet collars make the choice easy for you. The touch of velvet adds a flair to the normal coat making it special in a way.

Velvet can almost pair with any look if chosen right. The uniqueness of the outfit that you dare to wear is the key point in the choice. The classy outfit has started seeing the light with the sassy celebrities like Harry Styles leading the way. Now is the right time to add this dandy outfit to your wardrobe and rock it with style.