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Suits For Short Men

The challenge in styling the suits or any garment for that matter is getting the right fit that complements our body type. When it comes to short men suits can be one of the most flattering garments but you should style it right. It doesn't help that majority of suits are made keeping in mind the ideal height of men. Hence here are some styling tips when it comes to suit for short men.

suits-for-short-men The jacket of the suit is the most important element when it comes to fit since it is the one that gains the most attention. The shoulders are the first thing that you will have to note on the jacket. Other small details like pockets and fit can be easily fixed with the help of a tailor but when it comes to wrong size of shoulders it is pretty much impossible to alter. Even after the fixing is done you will never get a satisfactory fit of the shoulders since it will result in a lot of wrinkles. Also this can cost you a lot of money since it is a hectic process. Hence it is important that you consider the shoulders properly before making the purchase. As for the ideal fit of the shoulders make sure that the shoulder of your jacket ends right where the shoulder bone of yours end. When you get a jacket that had a shoulder width that is too wide for you then you will note the indentations on the sleeve. Other than the shoulders you should also check the chest of the jacket. If moving around in your jacket feels like an effort then it is better to go with a bigger size of the jacket. When you get the fit of the jacket right the outfit looks almost perfect. As for the pants make sure that they are of perfect length and fit.

Some of the tips for styling suits for men are discussed below. First of all have a set of trousers that fit you perfectly. It is almost impossible for you to get the perfect fit with off the rack suits but you can get them and alter it to the right length. You can also taper them and get it to be perfect. You should always have these blueprint trousers so as to set the bar for the other trousers. If you can afford go with a custom pair of trousers that will do the job.

When it comes to suits for men it should be styled in a way that creates an illusion of length. Hence it is better to have the top and bottom flow into each other. Avoid wearing broken suits since they do not have the clean lengthy look. When you wear the block colors or very similar colors they might make your body seem longer than it actually is. This helps a great deal in making you look taller. Three piece suits for short men is hence a good choice. The vested suits for short men will create a streamlined look that will create a flow from the head to toe and this in turn can make you look taller. Instead of blazers you can go with 2 piece suits for short men.

Single-Breasted-Light-Blue-Suit Two-Buttton-Beige-Color-Suit Two-Buttton-Beige-Color-Suit Two-Buttton-Beige-Color-Suit

The next thing that you will have to focus on is the proportion. If you are a short person then it means that you should create an illusion of longer legs. For this you can tuck your shirt and wear you trousers near your waist rather than your hips. This will give you a couple more inches to your legs.

Short men can easily look bulky because of their height. Hence it is important that you go with the accurate fit that will complement your body type. Baggy clothes will never help you and thus go with slimmer ones. The most famous fit that is recommended is the slim fit suit for short men. This fit when done perfectly can make you look taller and leaner. If you are a bulky person then you can go with the regular fit suits for men. Whichever be the fit you are going for make sure that you go with tapered trousers and tailored shirts.

slim-fit-suits As for the colors of the suits for men it depends on the purpose of the suit. If you are getting the suits for formal use then it is best to stick with classic ones like navy suits for men and charcoal gray suit for short men. For casual use you can go with brighter and lighter colored ones like beige suits for short men and red suits for short men. Other than the above mentioned solid suits for men you can also go with patterned ones.

When you select the patterns on the suit for short men it is best to go with the ones that are subtle. Pinstripe suit for short men are a good choice since they tend to create an illusion of height. Other than this you can also go with rectangular patterned windowpane suit for short men. The vertically elongated rectangles on the suits will make you look taller and slimmer. When opting for separates it is always best to go with patterned top garments instead widely patterned trousers. Thus it is best to go with solid trousers and go with patterns and prints on sweaters and shirts.

As for the overcoats and jackets that you can wear with the suits for men go with cropped versions. It is best to avoid coats that fall below the knee since they can drown you fully. Instead you can go with the ones that end above mid thigh.

You can also add some accessories that will enhance your look. Some of the best recommendations are Cuban heels that can add a few inches to your height. Other than this you can also go with chunky trainers and hefty work boots for a stylish look.