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10th Doctor Black Suit

The Doctor Who television programme was one of the famous shows of the last century. This science fiction show still have some faithful followers and they are not to blame. The quirky doctor who character who happens to be an extra-terrestrial being goes on different adventurers and is a one that pulls attention even in recent generation. If you have not seen the series you should definitely check it out.

Apart from the magnetic storyline another thing that attracts the audiences attention is the outfit choice of the main character. In every season with the change in actor the wardrobe also changes and every season offers a different style of outfit that was a great sensation at that time.

The fashion forward garments are a good pick for Halloween. Dressing up in skeleton every year may be easy but after some time could get boring. Now if you go dressed in a outfit of Doctor Who it showcases its individuality. One of the best style of outfits worn in the show is by the 10th doctor black suit r. David Tennant looks great playing the character and brings up the old flair of the character.

As for dressing up as the Tenth Doctor, it is easy with a little charisma. The 10th doctor black suit that you choose should be classic black pinstripe suits. The 10th doctor black suit should have the details of slim lapels and have four buttons. Another choice is to go with the same 10th doctor black suit in blue color which can also have breast pockets like the safari suit. The jacket of the 10th doctor black suit should be a tan overcoat. The overcoat should be split up in the middle so that it will be suitable to be worn even while riding on a horse.

The shirt that you wear underneath the jacket should be kept simple. A white shirt will do but you can also go with dark blue shirt that he wears with a brown suit. The tenth Doctor also at one scene wears a blue suit with which he wears a burgundy shirt. As for the style of the shirt it is plain and kept simple.

The tie that you wear with the shirt should be thin and dark colored. While you can ho with patterns on the tie it should be kept minimum. It is better to avoid bow ties unless it is for most formal events like the black tie events. The tie that you wear should be left a bit loose since the look you are going for is stylish.

It is not only the outfit that makes the look but the other things like hairstyles and accessories should be taken into account seriously. The Tenth Doctor always wears his hair gelled up. This was a new look at that time since till then the idea of spending time styling your hair is a nonexistent concept. As for the footwear go with converse shoes that is either cream or deep red in color. You can go with props like glasses, psychic paper or sonic screwdriver to enhance the look.