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Blue Wedding Suit

Blue Wedding Suits

Two-Button-Navy-Color-Suit Weddings are very special occasions for everyone. This is a time when a groom wants to look very special and attractive. So to look different on this day you must have to choose the wedding suit very carefully. Blue wedding suit is a nice choice to look modern as well as to grab everyone's attention.

Black, tan and gray suits are versatile and the best standard suits for weddings but if you are a traditional guy then a navy blue wedding suit would be the best choice for you. Blue wedding suit is always an ideal choice for summer or spring, and daytime weddings.

There are many shades of a men's blue wedding suit, so with so many options there is a high chance to make the wrong choice. To solve this issue, here I have put together some style tips to wear blue wedding suits.

But before going to discuss its different shades, you should know why blue wedding suits are a great choice to wear in your wedding?

Why A Blue Wedding Suit Is Ideal For Your Wedding?

There are some reasons, that's why blue wedding suits are ideal for grooms.

Single-Breasted-Sky-Blue-Suit ● Appropriate for all seasons - You can wear it in any season whether it is beginning of summer or middle of winter. A Light blue wedding suit is ideal for outdoor spring wedding and a bright blue wedding suit is ideal for evening winter wedding.

● Can be mixed and matched easily - You can mix and match them easily. To get a more exciting look, you can mix and match dark blue suits with light blue suits.

● Blue is the new black - Blue is a timeless color so you can create a casual look easily and can accessorize it with any accent or colors.

● Blue is a fresh color - It is a fresh color so you can wear it in any setting or venue to get an interesting look and casual feel.

How To Wear Different Shades of Blue Wedding Suits

There are many Blue wedding suits for groom. Grooms can choose the perfect shade of this suit according to their skin tones and wedding events. So let's discuss them one by one.

Royal Blue Suits For Wedding

Royal blue suits for weddings are a great choice. Wedding suits for men, royal blue suits play a starring role. If you want a little bit of a celebratory look then wear royal blue suits for the wedding with a white shirt, black tie and white pocket square. To finish this look, wear a pair of black cap toes.

Let's discuss the matching accessories of royal blue suit for weddings. The reddish tones are perfect for accessories without any doubt. So to look royal in your wedding, wear a royal blue suit with sharp red tie and pink pocket square. To complete this look wear shoes which have a hint of reddish color.

Navy Blue Suits For Wedding

Navy blue men's wedding suits are perfect for a nighttime wedding because of its dark shade. Navy blue wedding suits for grooms would be a perfect choice if the wedding is formal. You can look charming by wearing the right accessories.

If you are looking for navy blue suit combinations for a wedding then white dress shirt, bow ties and black shoes are the perfect combination. You can also wear brown shoes and neckties with a navy blue wedding suit.

Baby Blue Suits For Wedding

Baby blue wedding suit is a nice choice for a daytime summer wedding. If you are planning a beach wedding then also it would be a perfect choice.

A baby blue wedding suit can also be worn if the wedding is less formal or cocktail type. Light contrasting shirts such as white and soft pink are best for a Baby blue wedding suit.

Wedding is a tidy day and grooms have to do many rituals according to their culture so this suit keeps the groom fresh and relaxed.

Dark Blue Suits For Wedding

Dark blue wedding suit is suitable for a nighttime wedding. Light color shirts like light blue and white can be matched with a Dark blue wedding suit. Addition of cuff-links in this combination will give a groom a polished and sophisticated look.

You can also wear dark color shirts with this suit in the cocktail wedding. Dark blue suit-brown shoes wedding combination gives a smarter look to a groom.

Mens-One-Button-Dark-Blue-Suit Dusty Blue Suits For Wedding

Dusty blue suit wedding outfit is very trending for wedding attire. This color gives a luxurious look to the groom. White Shirt is best for a dusty blue suit. A cream color bow tie and a pocket square with this suit create an elegant look.

What Color Tie To Wear With A Blue Wedding Suit?

Tie is very essential in menswear suiting especially in weddings because it makes the groom's look appealing. But choosing the right tie for blue wedding suits is also very crucial. So I have put together some blue wedding suits and tie combinations that might work well for you.

● Pink tie will make your overall look wonderful. So wear a pink tie with your blue wedding suit over a white shirt.

● Red tie is a best choice for blue wedding suits. To look sophisticated at your wedding, wear a dark blue suit and red tie. You can also add a golden tie pin to look elegant on your wedding.

● Blue tie is a best option if you want to create an all blue look. White shirt and blue tie with blue wedding suits is a very beautiful combination.

You can also create a blue suit no tie wedding look if your wedding is less formal.

Some Tips To Look Stylish In Blue Wedding Suits

● Fitting is crucial to look stylish so always wear perfect tailored blue wedding suits.

● To pop-up blue wedding suits, prefer to wear a crisp white shirt or lighter shade of pink or blue.

● Black and brown shoes are the perfect combination for a blue wedding suit groom outfit.

mens-baby-blue-suits ● Always choose good quality fabric and avoid shiny fabrics.

● Never choose a polyester fabric.

● Prefer to wear 3 piece blue wedding suits instead of 2 piece suits because it looks very elegant and charming.

● Always accessories your blue wedding suits with matching cuff-links, tie pins and pocket squares.

So now you have enough knowledge to wear a Blue Wedding Suit. Blue wedding suits are perfect for a groom to look stylish and sophisticated on this special day. Dark blue wedding suits are perfect for nighttime weddings and light blue wedding suits are perfect for daytime weddings. You can also wear a blue suit in beach weddings and cocktail weddings. Blue wedding suits are versatile and go well with almost everything. So if your wedding is coming soon then blue wedding suits with the right accessories would be a perfect choice to look trendy, stylish and modern on your wedding day.