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Mens-Two-Buttons-Corduroy-Suits Tailoring has undergone some of the biggest changes in recent times. The formal dress codes in the corporate world have been relaxed and people have turned more tolerant towards the casual clothing. This has given rise to new styles and new fits that cater to the prevailing trends. One such trend that has become popular among the younger people is the corduroy suits. In this article we are going to discuss about the corduroy suits and how best to style them.

If you are a person who is already bored of the formal suits then you can go with corduroy suits for a new lease of life. It is the best choice for stylish men who want to go with hard durable fabrics for work wear. Corduroy suits can also be a versatile addition to your wardrobe since you can wear them to both formal and casual events. You can easily style the corduroy suits as your office wear but at the same time they can be an elegant alternative to the velvet suits. These corduroy suits also have an old school charm about them which makes them preferable by men of all ages.

As for styling the corduroy suits it is best to keep it simple whether be it for formal or casual event. The corduroy suits are fashion statements on their own, hence you need not overexert on other details like tones and patterns. For a casual day at office you can pair the corduroy suits with a white cotton shirt and a pair of dress loafers. For casual use you can pair them with solid colored t-shirts and a pair of your favourite trainers. For a smart casual look you can go replace the t-shirt with a roll neck.

As for the color of the shirt or roll neck do not go with the same tones as your suit. But you do not need to go with too much contrasting colors. If you are already comfortable with the corduroy suits you can also pair them with denim shirts. You can wear them untucked with a t-shirt for a casual look. You can pair this look with Chelsea boots or high top trainers depending on your preference.

If you are thinking of getting corduroy suits there are some things that you should know. Corduroy suits can be a good alternative to the cotton suits. You can wear the corduroy suits in winter since they are thicker than the lightweight cotton and does not wrinkle much like the cotton suits. Another major advantage with the corduroy suits is that they are sturdy and thus can last for a long time when you maintain it properly. If you want a suit that you can wear to a casual day at office you can go with single breasted corduroy suits. You can style the single breasted suits for casual events too making it more versatile. If you want a still more formal look you can go with double breasted corduroy suits. It has an air of authority about them making them best for business events. You can pair the double breasted corduroy suits with a slim roll neck and leather dress shoes.

As for the color of the corduroy suits you should select the hues that best suit the skin tone. Navy corduroy suits and gray corduroy suits are the best when it comes to formal use. These subtle colors are the best when it comes to office use since they blend well in the formal environment. If you want a bolder choice you can go with brighter ones like deep red corduroy suits and olive green corduroy suits. For casual use like summer weddings you can go with lighter ones like tan corduroy suits and off white corduroy suits. If you want to go with patterned suits it is best to go with striped ones. If you are on the bigger side you can go with thinner cords since they can make you look slimmer. Other than this you can also go with thicker stripes if you are a lean person and would like to look a little bulkier.

mens-suits There are a lot of styles that you can go with when it comes to corduroy suits. For a formal look you can go with camel corduroy suits paired with a white dress shirt and dark green tie. You can add a gray herringbone overcoat to the mix for a smart look. For a formal wedding you can go with a navy blue corduroy suit paired with white and navy gingham dress shirt without tie look. You can complete the look with a pair of black leather Chelsea boots. For a smart casual look you can go with maroon corduroy suits with white crew neck t-shirt and white leather low top sneakers. For a more pronounced look go with brown corduroy suits with black turtleneck and brown will hat. Black leather derby shoes with no socks will add on to the stylish look.

The muted colors look great on the corduroy suits and hence it is always better to stick with ones like tan and brown corduroy suits. If you want a brighter look make sure that you style them to the casual events. Royal blue corduroy suits with blue denim dress shirt and navy geometric tie will give you a dapper look. You can pair them with black leather double monks for a smart and sophisticated look. If you want a more formal look you can go with 3 piece corduroy suits. The vested look will make you stand out among the crowd of usual suits. Olive corduroy suits with pink dress shirt and navy geometric tie will make you look great. You can accentuate the look with navy socks and brown suede leather boots. The patent leather shoes might look too dressy for the corduroy suits but when you pair them with suede shoes you can perfectly match the look. You can select the style that suits you the best.