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Windowpane Suits

Windowpane suits are the bold patterned suits that have long been in mens fashion. This style of windowpane mens suits has been constantly in and out of style with them recently making a comeback. Here is everything that you need to know about the windowpane suits and why you need one in your wardrobe soon if you don't have it already.

Black Check Suit For people who don't know, windowpane mens suits are the ones that have slim lines that intersect each other to form squares or rectangles. These rectangles look like the panes of the window in the olden times and thus the name. The windowpane design is now everywhere starting from the suits to blazers. The popularity of the windowpane mens suits can be attributed to the slightly classic and dapper look that it offers.

Another major advantage with the windowpane mens suits is that they can give you a desirable look when you select the type based on your body type. For example if you are a lean person you can go with windowpane mens suits that have rectangles that are elongated horizontally which gives you a bulkier look. Other than this you can go with vertically elongated rectangles on the windowpane mens suits when you need a leaner and taller look.

Windowpane suits can be easily used as separates. Windowpane suit jacket is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can have in your wardrobe. Men who are chromatically challenged know the hectic process of choosing the right pairing of clothings. Windowpane suit jackets and blazers can be paired with almost any outfits be it formal or casual. For this to work you will have to get the details of the windowpane mens suits keeping in mind the purpose of the garment.

The material of the windowpane mens suits play a major role in the look you sport.windowpane Wool suits are the best for formal use since they are soft and comfortable to wear. The patterned garments need to be fit perfectly and this is the great advantage with wool. Wool being slightly heavy can drape over the body of the wearer perfectly giving them a perfect fit. But if you are on the slightly bulky side you may dislike the thick look of the wool windowpane mens suits. In these cases you can go with lightweight options like cotton windowpane mens suits. They are breathable and thus can prevent sweating to a great deal in the hot days.

Since the windowpane mens suits or any windowpane garments are more on the casual style naturally it is best to go with windowpane Linen suits. They are the best for summer events like weddings and parties. Men who would like a cheaper style can go with synthetic ones like polyester windowpane mens suits or rayon windowpane mens suits.

As for the style of the windowpane mens suits it is mostly advised for you to go with single breasted windowpane mens suits. This is because of the fact that the single breasted style is more prevalent and it is easier to style these garments as separates. Single breasted windowpane suit jacket can be worn as whole as a suit while it can also be worn with chinos or even jeans when you style it right. But this is not the case with the windowpane double breasted suits. The double breasted design is more of a formal style that is best for important occasions like board meetings and business events. They give out a look of authority and sophistication which will look out of place when it is paired with casual garments. Thus if you are getting your first patterned suit then it is best to go with single breasted windowpane mens suits.

Windowpane 3 piece suits are the best when you need a dressy formal look. You can easily wear these garments to any formal setting or formal weddings. The advantage with the vested windowpane mens suits is that they can give you a dressed up look even when you decide to lose the jacket temporarily on a hot day. But when you need a relaxed style then you can go with 2 piece windowpane mens suits. Pairing the 2 piece windowpane suit with complementing dress shirt and tie can give you a neat and sleek look.

silver checkered suit The lapel on the windowpane suits is an important detail to note when purchasing the suit. Peak lapel windowpane mens suits are the ones that are recommended for formal events since they are the most formal type of lapel available in the market. If you are getting the suit for semi formal or casual purpose you can go with notch lapel windowpane suits. They are less formal than the peak lapels and are the ones preferred for office and other casual use. If you are getting the suit for special occasions then windowpane shawl lapel suits are the ones preferred.

Another thing that you should note while purchasing for the suit is the color of the windowpane mens suits. Usually the slim lines on the windowpane mens suits are light colored which are placed on the dark background of the windowpane mens suits. These are the ones that are preferred for formal use. There are windowpane mens suits that have subtly colored lines which make them look like a solid suit from a certain distance.

A black windowpane suit paired with white dress shirt and a black striped tie is a great look for any formal use. If you are getting the suit for office use then you can go with navy windowpane suits or windowpane charcoal suits. If you are bored of the white dress shirt you can go with pastel color dress shirts like light blue dress shirt and light pink dress shirt which can create a stronger contrasting look.

Other than this you can also pair the slim fit suits with patterned dress shirts. While going with this style you have to make sure that the patterns on the different garments do not clash with each other. For casual style pair the classic fit windowpane mens suits with polka dot or paisley dress shirt.