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Polka Dot Suits

Polka dots are one of the most famous prints in fashion industry. It is famous in both men's and women's fashion but are predominant in the latter. Polka dots are considered to be casual style in the mens fashion and thus rarely seen in formal wear. But the times are changing and more and more formal clothing have started adopting the polka dot fashion. In this article we are discussing about polka dot suits and how best to style them.

Polka dot mens suits can be a formal or casual style based on the type of pattern you choose. There are a lot of variations in the polka dots and selecting the right one determines the look you are going to sport. Therefore put some effort in the details and select the one that best suits your need.

The first thing that you will have to note while selecting the polka dot mens suits is the size of the dots. Most of the spotted patterns are generally known as polka dots but the ones that are small are described as pin dots. These pin dots are very small and look like spots that are done with pin dipped in color. These small polka dot mens suits are the ones that are recommended for formal use. When you go with these small polka dot prints on dark colors like black and charcoal gray then the patterns are not visible unless the viewer is near.Business polka dot suits utilise these pin dots to create a subtle yet unique look. Dots that are slightly larger than the pin dots are known as micro dots. When you need a casual style you can opt to go with larger polka dots on the suits. These casual polka dot mens suits are best reserved for casual use like a costume party or a fun event.

The next thing that you will have to note when it comes to selecting the polka dot is the spacing between the dots. The density of the dots also greatly influences the formality of the garment. When the density of the dots is high the size of the dots gets smaller. Therefore the high density polka dot mens suits are the ones that are most preferred for formal use since they look solid when looked from a distance. When you go with less density polka dots they are best reserved for accessories like ties and pocket squares.

Mens-Dinner-Jacket-Polka-Dot-Pattern The distribution of polka dots on the garment also matters. Most of the formal polka dot mens suits have dots in symmetrical pattern in which the dots are arranged in a calculated pattern. But if you are a person who likes unique styles you can go with asymmetrical polka dot mens suits in which the dots are placed randomly on the garment. These irregular patterns give you an artistic feel and gain attention towards your outfit. When you go for a formal style it is recommended to go with symmetrically pattern since they are the subtler one among the two. As for the irregular pattern restrict it to the tie or pocket square since they can be distracting when on more space like a suit.

The color of the polka dot suits also play an important part in the overall look you project. When the dots in the polka dot mens suits are placed closely then the garment appears to be mostly in the color of the dots. But when the dots are placed with gaps then the color of the dots is more pronounced since they sit on a contrasting base or ground color. Therefore decide whether you need a subtle or pronounced look and then go with the colors.

As for the color of the dots white is the most common in menswear. But when it comes to formal polka dot suits they are mostly black or of a darker shade than the suit color. This way it can blend with the outfit and create the subtle look. Other than this there are also other options like blue polkadots on gray color and beige dots on brown garment. These combinations will make the garment stand out and thus is better for ties and pocket squares.
As for styling the polka dot suits here are some ideas you can refer. For a formal look try pairing a navy polka dot suit with a white dress shirtand burgundy print tie. This is the look Tom Hiddleston wore to the empire awards of 2017 and he perfectly completed the look with a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. The Loki actor is well known for his impeccable dressing style and was the most stylish man of 2017. He seems to have created a liking for the subtle polka dot suits since he spotted another one for the Kong : Skull premiere. In this he wore a charcoal gray polka dot suit with a blue dress shirt and critter patterned tie. He wore a pair of dark brown Oxford shoes to complete the look. The thing with the suits is that they were both polka dot Slim fit suits that accentuated beautifully the tall and lean body type of the actor. Patterned suits are best to be slim fitted since they tend to garner extra attention than the solid suits.

If you are thinking of going with a casual style with bigger dots we still have a style reference for you. Designer Marc Jacobs wore a black and white polka dot suit with converse trainers to the 2013 Met Gala. It was a fit polka dot classic suit that was more of a pyjama type suiting and this was because of the casual look he was going for. For a balanced smart casual look you can pair the black polka dot suit with a white crew neck t-shirt and black leather low top sneakers. The lighter colored ones like tan polka dot mens suits and beige polka dot mens suits are casual styles that are best reserved for summer events like rooftop parties and such.