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Stripped Suits

If you are a person who wears suits on a daily basis then you would require more than a navy suit and a charcoal gray suit. Both are the saviours of formal suits but for a style variation you should have more in your wardrobe. Here we suggest you to go with stripped suits. The stripped men suits are making a comeback this season and here is everything that you need to know about the style.

Brown Striped Suit When we say stripped mens suits most of the minds instantly go to the bankers of the Wall Street. This is because of the fact that the stripped mens suits and bankers have a long history and also they have been constantly linked in the Hollywood films that we adore. The stripped mens suits were almost the uniform of the British bankers in the 19th century. Each bank had their own pattern of stripes that varied in thickness and the space between each stripes. Stripped mens suits were mostly reserved to bankers at that time and these variations in the patterns helped identify which bank the men worked for.

After this the stripped mens suits were adopted by various baseball teams. The British wore the stripped trousers but America was the first to adopt it into whole suits. Soon the stripped mens suits became the symbol of gangsters and glamorous men and more people who wanted to be these started wearing the stripped mens suits. This was the 1980s and the alpha look of the stripped mens suits made them famous among men.

Soon in 2008 the economy crashed and people started to avoid wearing stripped suits since most did not want to be seen in bankers outfit since they were considered to be the cause of the economic fallout. The stripped mens suits market collapsed but the pattern was soon adopted into casual garments like t-shirts and shorts. This was a great success and the sales boomed. After almost a decade the stripped mens suits no longer have the stereotype attached to it and many men are starting to try out the style. If you are one among the men who is thinking of trying out the stripped suit style then here are some things that will help you make the right pick.

The thickness of the stripes and the space between each of them is the first thing that you will have to note when purchasing the stripped suits. Pinstripe suits are the ones that have narrow lines that are places close to each other. The closely spaced lines can give you an illusion of a solid suit when looked from afar. Hence these stripped mens suits are the ones that are most recommended for formal use. Chalk stripe suits are the ones that have thicker lines that are placed wider than the pinstripe suits. These patterns on these suits will be clearly distinct even from a distance. You can use these stripped suits for formal use but they are best suitable for casual use.

A pinstripe double breasted suit paired with a white shirt and red tie and tobacco leather monks is a great look for a business meeting. A chalk stripe double breasted suit paired with a white dress shirt, burgundy tie and burgundy leather tassel loafers is a look that you can also easily sport to a formal wedding.

The type of the suit is another main thing that you will have to note. Single breasted stripped suits are more versatile than the double breasted style since you can style them to almost any event. But double breasted stripped mens suits are a great look since the formality of the stripes with the double breasted look of the suit blend well. You can choose the look that best suits your taste and personality.Stripped 3 piece suits are best for formal events while the 2 piece stripped suit can be worn to both casual and formal events when you style it right.

After you select the type of the stripped suit you are going with the next important thing that you will have to select is the color of the suit. This should be done with care since it is one of the most notable features of the suit. When you need a formal look it is best to stick with darker shades of stripped suits.

Light Blue Suit A stripped charcoal suit paired with a light blue dress shirt and dark green tie is a sophisticated combination. Add a pair of brown leather derby shoes to make the look perfect. For a smart casual style you can pair the charcoal stripped suit with a white dress shirt and white canvas low top sneakers. For a trendy style you can pair the black stripped suit with a black turtleneck and a pair of black leather double monks. Adding an olive field jacket to the mix can increase the style factor of the black ensemble.

When you need a little more casual look you can try out lighter colors of the stripped mens suits. A light gray stripped suit paired with a white dress shirt and dark brown fringe leather loafers is a great choice for a classy outfit. A stripped light blue suit with a white and blue stripped shirt, a brown silk tie and a pair of tobacco leather monks gives you a extra classy outfit. For a distinct style that stands out you can pair the gray stripped suit with a tan turtleneck and burgundy leather derby shoes.

A beige stripped suit paired with a red polo and white canvas low top sneakers is a perfect blend of formal and casual style. For a beta trendy ensemble pair an stripped olive green suit with a burgundy dress shirt and a pair of black leather Oxford shoes. When you need a sophisticated yet trendy look you can pair the bright blue stripped suit with a dark blue turtleneck and black leather loafers. For a refined masculine outfit you can pair the white stripped suit with a blue short sleeve dress shirt and white canvas low top sneakers.