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Suits For Big Guys

brown suit A well fitted suit will make a man look confident regardless of his body type. Clothing market mainly focuses on the ideal body type when it comes to marketing and to an extent manufacturing. If you are a big guy then you would know the struggle of shopping in the big and tall section. Hence it this article we are discussing about some of the styling tips when it comes to suits for big guys.

There are not many garments that make you feel good as the suits. This is especially true for men who are on the taller and bigger side. Choosing the right type of suit might do great things for your frame and make you look flattering. A perfectly tailored suit will add structure and shape for a rounder frame and make you look more proportionate.

When you are purchasing the suits for big guys the first thing that you will have to note is the fit. People think that if you are on the bigger side then you should go with extra fabrics that cover your frame. But when it comes to suit the opposite is true. You should go with the slimmest fit that will suit you. When you select the slim fit the main thing that you should keep in mind is the comfort. Never go with the tight ones that look like bursting anytime at the seams.Slim fit suits for big guys is the most recommended one since it is not necessary that you have to lean to go with this fit. When it is properly tailored a slim fit suit can make the wearer look taller and slimmer. If you want a little more roomy fit that you can move around in then it is best for you to go with regular cut suits. On the whole your size should not dictate the fit of the suit that you are going with. Instead place the comfort as the priority and go with the trimmest suit that fits you comfortably.

After you select the fit of the suits for big guys then you should start focusing on the details. When you carefully select the details of the suit you can achieve a balanced look. For example if you are a tall person then go with 2 button suits for big guys or 3 button suits. This is because of the fact that the suit jackets with more number of buttons will punctuate the longer jackets thus balancing the look for the taller guys. But if you are a short person then it might be a good choice for you to stick with single button suits. The deep neck of these suits will create an illusion of elongated upper torso thus balancing the look. Other than this you can opt for a suit jacket that has a low break if you are a tall guy. When the point where the lapels of the jacket meets your first button on the lower side will make it look in line with the natural waist of the tall person.

As for the lapels, choose the width in proportion to your body. If you area built person then go with wider lapels since a slim lapel on broad shoulders will create an undesirable look. This rule applies for the width of the ties too. Slanted pockets on suits is a advantage since it makes the thicker torso look slimmer since it trains the eye to the frame.

When you select the fabrics of the suits for big guys it is better to go with heavier ones. Wool suits for big guys give you a better drape when compared with the lightweight ones. Other than this you can go with linen suits and cotton suits when you need summer options. Another major problem that big guys face is the sweating. When you go with the natural fabrics on the suits then it helps you cool down and can avoid creating swear stains.

As for the color of the suits it is recommended to go with darker tones. This does not mean that you should stuff your wardrobe with black suits for big guys and navy suits. Try out different colors but in darker tones. Deep green suits and dark brown suits for big guys are some of the best options. If you are attending a wedding then you can go with slightly different ones like burgundy suits and olive green suits. You can also try out lighter colors but remember that it can slightly exaggerate your size.

navy suit When you opt to go with patterns on the suits for big guys it is best to avoid bold busy patterns. Instead you can go with large proportional patterns that are less complicated than the smaller busier ones since they can draw attention to your mid section. If you want a formal style of suit then go with pinstripe suits for big guys. Whenever you go with striped garments always stick with vertically striped ones since they give you a taller look.

The color combinations with which you style the suits for big guys also plays a major role in projecting your look. The darker colors will create a slimming effect that you can use to your advantage. If you have a larger mid section then go with dark colored shirts paired with the suits. Black shirt with black suits for big guys is a good pick. Other than this you can also opt for broken suits look. For example if your legs are thinner than your mid section then opt to go with lighter pants. If you are a short person then go with lighter shades on top since it draws the eye instantly and can make you look taller.