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While we talk about suits especially the formal ones we tend to instantly go with wool suits. But in recent times the trends are changing and our most beloved denims have entered the suits game. Jean denim men suits are relatively a new fashion but are gaining a large fan following in a short time. Hence it is important that you understand the Jean denim men suits fashion and some styling tips that could come in handy if you try out the style.

Single-Breasted-Olive-Color-Suit Jean denim men suits first gained the spotlight when Ralph Lauren presented a three piece denim suit in his 2015 luxury purple label collection. For this design he has hybridised two of the most classic menswear items which is the navy suit and the dark denim. This is a great look since it borders on the dressy and casual side thus maintaining the perfect line between the two. The /three piece Jean denim suit perfectly projects the elegance of the suit while still playing at the casual look. The silhouette of the Jean denim suit was contemporary with broad shoulders. As for the details the Jean denim men suits sported high notch lapelled and flap waist pockets. At the first glance the Jean denim men suits looks like rich navy linen suits but because of the fabric will last longer than the linen ones. Jean denim men suits are also a possible alternative to people who love linen but avoid it because of the wrinkles.

Since then the Jean denim men suits fashion has caught on especially among the younger generation. Though still many fashion conservatives are sceptical about the double denim look the Jean denim men suits have been named as one of the promising styles of 2020. The Jean denim men suits aren't a really new fashion and have taken inspiration from the denim on denim looks in the olden times. They are popularly referred as Canadian tuxedo or the Texan tux and have a short history. But with the more refined styles of jean denim men suits appearing it looks like the denim on denim look is making a comeback.

As for the infamous history of the denim on denim, some say that the singer Bind Crosby was not allowed to enter a hotel in Canada since he was dressed in denim head to toe. He was let in eventually but the fashion brand Levi entered the scene by designing him a custom double breasted suit jacket in denim so that he would never have any problems wearing the look even in the most fancy environments. This drama didn't stop here and got more interesting when the jacket was presented to him at the 1951 silver state stampede that was held in Nevada with a leather label on it with read "notice to all hotel men". It was put in place so as to inform that the denim on denim look was appropriate for any occasion. This suit even now is displayed at the north-eastern Nevada museum. Other than this Justin Timberlake and his then girlfriend Britney spears were spotted in a full on denim look back in 2001. While this look was not appreciated much at that time the refined versions of the Ralph Lauren are much better.

Two-Button-Blue-Suit Two-Button-Brown-Suit Two-Button-Blue-Velvet-Suit Two-Button-Brown-Suit

If you are thinking of going with the Jean denim mens suits look then there are some things that you will have to keep in mind while styling it. When you select the Jean denim men suits the shade of the suits play a major role. The denims tend to wash off and hence make sure to go with the right pick. If you are getting the suits for formal events then it is best to go with darker shades that will be subtle. The lighter shades will look more casual and is best to be reserved for casual events.

As for the color of the Jean denim men suits there is no rule that states that you should stick with the blue ones. If you are getting the suits for formal use you can go with black jean denim suits and charcoal Jean denim suits. Other than this the lighter ones like white jean denim suits and gray Jean denim suits are perfect for casual events like parties and such.

Single breasted Jean denim men suits are the ones that are most preferred since you can style them easily for both formal and casual events. But if you want a formal look you can go with double breasted Jean denim suits. The vested jean denim suits will make you look more formal and stylish at the same time.

Mens-Black-Double-Breasted-Suit The details on the jean denim men suits should be carefully noted. Since the jean denim men suits are considered to be a relatively casual style then you can go with notch lapels. The/ notch lapel jean denim men suits are the ones that is most preferred. For a more formal style you can go with /peak lapel jean denim men suits. Most of the time the lapels and collars on the jean denim men suits are of the same color as the rest of the suit. But there are styles which have the lapels and collars of the jean denim suit jacket in a different shade compared to the rest of the suit.

Another main advantage with the jean denim men suits is that you can easily use them as separates. This makes the jean denim men suits a perfect versatile addition to your wardrobe. When styling the denim on denim look there are some tips that you should follow for a distinguished look. The shades of the top and bottom garments can be slightly varied. This helps a great deal when the shade differs after repeated washes. You can style the outfit with a denim jacket with denim jeans but mix the look with a white t-shirt. This way you can have a more pronounced look that will highlight your garments. You can play a little with the proportions. For example if you are going with fitted jacket you can pair it with relaxed jeans and vice versa.