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Agent 47 Suit

Hitman Agent 47 is a notable action film in which the main character Agent 47 ( could have given the man a proper name) is a genetically engineered assassin who helps a girl reunite with her father. The storyline obviously says that there is a lot of guns, cars and action sequences incorporated in the film but the best part is that the Agent does it all when wearing suits. The assassin sports an impeccable style of clothing which almost never changes throughout the film. The film has its origins from a video game in the same name. While some basic details change everything else carries on to be the same.

As for dressing like agent 47 suitit is very simple. All you will need is a white dress shirt, black blazer, black pants, black leather belt,black shoes and a burgundy tie. This is what makes it easy to cosplay this costume for Halloween or any other parties. Now if you want to take the look a notch higher you can include a Barcode tattoo, black pistol ( of course a toy) , black fingerless gloves and a bald head!!! This will make people instantly recognise the costume and avoid all that awkward explanation.

In the film this clothing was initially given to the character to replace his hospital clothes. Then he disguises to escape the asylum but is seen to acquire same kind of outfit even after a year which he sticks with for most of his missions. In the Blood Money he wears a black two piece agent 47 suit which features notch lapels. He pairs it with a white shirt that has black pinstripes on it. The look os completed with a red tie and black gloves. The patterns on the tie seems to vary from game to game.

In Absolution the character is seen wearing a similar kind of agent 47 suit but with a plain cotton white shirt which features French cuffs. The in game text says that the jacket featured a single button but in the animation it is seen to have two buttons. In this he ditches his usual red tie and goes with a black one and sometimes with no tie at all. He is also seen wearing black leather gloves that is different from the previous games.

In the film he is seen wearing simplified version of his usual agent 47 suit which is called as his Signature suit. The ensemble consists of a black blazer that has a single button with black flat front pants, a white shirt with a burgundy tie. This is a great Halloween costume since it is easy to dress and also there is nothing more scary than a guy who can blend into a crowd and silently finish off a person. Also in the film Rupert Friend plays the character and he is given a humanity streak in which he actually tries to save the girl and reunite her with her father. Now this is another plus point since you are now a good natured killer.