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Another word that men shy away from when it comes to fashion is sequins. Most men would never own sequin clothing in their lifetime. This may be because of the fact that they aren't big fan of the flashy styles or they think that it is hard to pull off. If you are among the first category then the preference is respected but of you is one among the second category then you might want to rethink your decisions. The sequin suit style is not that hard to pull off and if you get some basics right then you can easily rock the outfit.

The sequin mens suits are having their prime time in the recent years. The sparkly jackets fashion has invaded the mens and womens fashion world and doing it in style. The styling of the sequin mens suits is the key to safely pulling off the look. You can incorporate the sequin mens suits in your daily casual lifestyle but overdoing it might turn you into a full disco ball type. Therefore make sure you take it easy and go with casual styling of the sequin mens suits.

mens-jacket The sequins in clothing fashion might seem like a recent style that was made popular by the King of Pop Michael Jackson himself but the reality is unexpected. The history of the sequins can be traced back to almost 1300 B.C. Kind Tut who was the only one king in that period is said to have used the sequins in his clothing. His tomb was discovered in 1922 and with it were golden sequin like discs. These small discs were usually made of gold or other precious materials and sewing it on the garment was a status symbol. Soon they became purely decorative and increased in popularity after the discovery at King Tut's tomb. The sequin mens suits style has caught on from then with all the pop singers adoring the style.

The fabric from which the sequin mens suits are made from is an important thing to note. The sequin mens suits in itself can be quite bulky and hence it is best to avoid sequin wool suits. Also the sequin flashy suits fashion might be too much for the gloomy season like winter. Therefore it is best to go with lightweight ones like sequin linen suits and sequin cotton suits. These garments can breathe well and can keep you cool through the day. Other than this you can also go with silk sequin mens suits and sequin velvet suits when you need a fancy garment.

As for the color of the sequin mens suits darker colors are most preferred since they can give you the perfect contrast. sequin Black suits and sequin blue suits are the ones that are most preferred. You can also go with light colored sequin suits like gold sequin suits and sequin red suits but make sure that the garment is appropriate for the event that you are attending.

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If you are thinking of trying out the sequin mens suits style then there are some things that you will have to keep in mind. When you are styling the sequin mens suits it is best avoid adding any other flashy accessories. Flashy belts or shoes are mostly to be avoided so that the main focus can be on the sequin mens suits. Also if the outfit is too much flashy it might make you look tacky. For example consider the outfit RuPal wore to the Met Gala. He spotted an sequin orange suit combined with a sequin long overcoat. Too much flashy garments in one ensemble will make people look away in the first glance.

The shoes that you pair with the sequin suits play an important role in the overall look. Keep your shoes neutral when paired with a sequin suit. Going with strong colors will make your outfit pop out too much which is not desirable. Make sure that your shoes are devoid of sequins, patterns or anything else that stands out. The sequin suit you wear is the center piece and thus make sure that you wear accessories that helps complement it. This also applies for the accessories. If you are not a pop singer then it is best to leave out the large rings and necklaces at home while wearing a sequin suit. The accessories will clash with the sequin suit making your outfit look busy. This will break the line of sight of the observer and make you look sloppy. Thus when wearing a sequin suit it is best to keep it simple.

mens-suits/classic-fit-suits Having covered the styling tips of sequin suits another important question that men have is the list of events that are appropriate to wear sequin mens suits to. It is basic knowledge that sequin mens suits are a casual style and you can never ever wear it to your office. Sequin mens suits are best for parties and nightclubs or anything with mad fun in the agenda. These are the events that would definitely require a little bling to your outfit. Other than this it is best to avoid wearing sequins to weddings even if it is a casual one. If you are the groom and thinking about wearing a sequin suit it is best to consult with the bride before making the choice. If she is okay with it you can even coordinate your outfit with that of hers. On the contrary if you are the guest in the wedding it is never accepted to wear sequins unless it is mentioned in the dress code. Sequin mens suits are flashy and you do not want to upstage the groom on his special day.

Sequin suits will definitely draw attention to you and thus it is important that you rock it with confidence. Go with sequin slim fit suits when you need a classy look. Other than this you can also go with classic fit sequin suits. The latter style is roomier when compared with the slim fit designs and is a perfect fit when you need a casual garment.