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Tweed Suits

One of the garments that are constantly showing up in the trend predictions of the recent years is the tweed suits. Thus if you don't have a tweed suit in your wardrobe already then it is time that you get one. A well made tweed suit can be styled for many occasions and is a timeless style. In this article we explain about the tweed suits and why it is worth investing in.

2-Button-Khaki-Color-Suit Tweed suit are made from a fabric called Tweed which is a woolen fabric of specific texture. The tweed mens suits are woven in different ways and in patterns like herringbone, houndstooth and such. Tweed mens suits are more suited for special occasions rather than daily use. In recent years we are seeing the increasing trend of men preferring the tweed mens suits for British weddings. But this does not mean they are not feasible for daily use. If you are comfortable with the suit you can use them as a perfect office wear. Now if you are thinking of getting a tweed suit then there are some details that you will have to note to make a perfect pick.

There are a lot of types in tweed mens suits and you can select the one that best suits your taste. The tweed is said to have originated from the English Isles and depending on the region they are classified into different types. If the wool from which the tweed mens suits are made is from the Cheviot mountain region then it is called as Cheviot tweed mens suits. If the wool is from Shetlands archipelago then they are known as Shetland tweed mens suits. The quality of the tweed mens suits differ with the wool and thus the classification is important.

As for the type of tweed mens suits there is a different classification based on the origin of the design of the tweed suits. For example Harris Tweed mens suits which are very famous throughout the world have their origin in Lewis and Harris Islands. The Donegal tweed mens suits which are also popular come from the Donegal country in Ireland.green-tweed-suits

The tweed suits are a versatile garment that adapt to the atmosphere depending on the styling. They are well suited for hunting but will look equally good when styled for formal weddings. Since the tweed mens suits are made from natural fabrics they are comfortable to wear at all seasons. The dense weave of the tweed mens suits can withstand different temperatures. Because of its origin and thick nature the tweed is often mistakes to be reserved as winter garments. But in the recent times there are tweed mens suits that come with blend of cotton and other light fabrics. You can also try out open and loose twills when you need a lightweight tweed suit that you can wear in warmer months of summer and spring. Summer is the season of celebration and fun. You can go with light and breezy summer tweed suits for summer weddings and other fun events.

The next thing that you will have to note when it comes to tweed mens suits is the color. The tweed mens suits mostly come in natural subdued colors like dark green, brown and dark blue. This is because of the fact that in the earlier times the tweed fabric was usually colored with natural dyes. But with the progress in the clothing industry the tweed suits are now available in all possible colors.

A charcoal gray tweed suit will give you a distinct look when compared with your usual wool suit. You can add a pair of brown leather Oxfords to complete the look. Other than this you can try out the navy tweed mens suits and dark green tweeds suits for the formal look. When you are getting the suit for summer use you can go with light gray tweed mens suits and light blue tweed mens suits. With sharp tailoring and classic cut you can get a stylish outfit that cannot be rivalled with. While selecting the summer tweed mens suits you can go with the dark colors but remember that dark colors tend to absorb heat and retain it making the wearer hot and sweaty. Instead you can opt to go with lighter colors that capture the essence of the season. For example a green tweed suit can be a perfect choice for the lushness of the spring while the powder blue tweed suit can be a good pick for beach wedding. You can also opt to go with off white colors like cream tweed mens suits and tan tweed mens suits that work well with the natural light of the season.

Single breasted tweed mens suits are recommended when you need a versatile style that can style for both formal and casual events.Tweed Double breasted suits are considered to be a more formal pick that you can reserve for important business meetings and such. In the same way when you need a dressier look go with 3 piece tweed suit look. You can opt to go with a tweed vest or play around with some other fabrics too. When you need a casual look you can opt to go with 2 piece tweed suits.

Another major advantage with the tweed mens suits is that you can easily style them as separates. For example a light blue peak lapel tweed suit jacket paired with a white dress shirt and brown corduroy dress pants is an awesome option for a smart and sophisticated look. You can complete the look with a pair of dark brown suede derby shoes. For a still more dressy style you can pair the white tweed suit jacket with a blue dress shirt, burgundy polka dot tie and navy pants. For a distinct look that makes you stand out you can pair the navy shawl collar tweed suit jacket with a white dress shirt, burgundy wool vest, violet silk tie and dark brown dress pants. For a trendy look you can pair the tweed black suit jacket with white dress shirt, black v neck sweater and black chinos.