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Most of the men are content with their wardrobe filled with wool suits and some occasional cotton suits. These suits will work for any type of event but when you have different fashions to try why stick with one? Wool suits and cotton suits are great choices but when it comes to special occasions like parties and dinners it simply does not make the cut. You want a little more elegant one like silk suits. Here are some basics involved with styling the silk suits so that you can try out this style.

If you are thinking of upgrading your wardrobe for the summer then try to go with silk suits. Contrary to the look of it, the silk suits give you a cool and comfortable wear that is easy to pull off. Silk is a fabric that is light and breathable which makes it a perfect choice for summer events. Also the silk is smooth to touch which makes it one of the most preferred fabrics for suit lining. The silk suits also come in different weights and you can pick them based on your preference. Also silk is an organic fabric which adapts well to the climate. It will keep you cool in summer and at the same time warm in winter. Thus if you are looking for a year round fabric silk should be your choice.

Silk was one of the major clothing fabrics in the early times. The silk garments have an air of luxury to them which makes them look special. Thus it was mostly preferred among the elite and wealthy people. After some time when the clothing became more plain and conservative wool replaced the silk by a great deal. But the silk suits have a soft elegance and flattering look about them that can never be achieved in wool suits. But when you blend in perfect amount of wool and silk you get a quality suit that is especially good for summer. Another one of the reasons why silk suits are mostly avoided is the cost. Pure silk suits might be expensive compared to the wool suits but if you go with the blended ones you can get it at an affordable cost.

mens-suits As for the color of the silk suits they are available in almost all colors. You should select the color of the silk suits keeping in mind the purpose of the outfit. If you are looking for a formal style then you should go with classic colored ones like black silk suits and dark navy silk suits. The silk suits are best for dressy events like dinner parties and such. Most of these events tend to happen in the evenings and thus it is best to go with dark colored ones like burgundy silk suits and forest green silk suits. The sheen of the silk material combined with the dark shade will give you an elegant outfit that will be sure to turn heads. If you are styling the suits for summer events like beach weddings or parties then you can try out light colored ones like tan silk suits and white silk suits. These light colors may stand out too much in winter but in summer will look great under the natural light.

Other than this there are some other details that you will have to note while purchasing the silk suits. Most tend to go with single breasted silk suits since it is the most versatile style that you can get. You can style them to both formals and casual events. But the double breasted silk suits are a formal style that will make you look dressy on the first glance. The double breasted silk suits are best suited for formal events like business dinners and such. The lapels on the silk suits also play a major role in projecting the overall look. Go with peak lapel silk suits if you want a formal style.Shawl lapel silk suits are the ones that are best for dressy events like parties and weddings. If you want casual silk suits then it is best for you to go with notch lapel silk suits.

mens silk suits As for styling the silk suits you can go with 3 piece silk suits if you want a formal dressy look. If you are the groom of the wedding and would love to look great on your special day then go with 3 piece silk suits look. The advantage with the vested silk suits look is that you can still look dressed up even if you decide to lose the jacket for some time. For other semi formal and casual options you can stick with 2 piece silk suits.

The fit of the silk suits is the ultimate deciding factor of the overall look. This is because of the fact that regardless of the material of the suit or the cost involved if the fit isn't right the look isn't going to work out. So be careful while selecting the fit of the suit. Also the silk suits are for special occasions and thus it is important that you look your absolute best. Go for the fit that best complements your body type and also in which you feel comfortable in. For example skinny fit silk suits are made to fit like a second skin and thus it is best suited for tall and lean men. The slim fit silk suits are not as tight as the skinny ones but drapes over the body well. It is not necessary for you to be lean for you to go with slim fit suits. These suits will work for most body shapes and when done right can make you look taller. Other than this if you want a roomy style that you can wear for a casual day out then classic fit silk suits must be your pick. People who are comfortable in any of this category can try out big and tall silk suits since comfort is the priority.