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Tartan Suit

Tartan is one of the most iconic patterns that is known in mens fashion. This pattern has never been out of style and has seen in all in its long enduring history. Tartan is a pattern that is present in almost all menswear but the tartan mens suits are considered to be a bold and dramatic choice. In this article we are discussing about tartan suits and how best to style them for a trendy look.

tartan suit We admit that the tartan mens suits are a rare choice but it is surprisingly easy to style considering the hesitation in choosing it. The key is to select the right color and check that suits your taste. For people who don't know, tartan is a pattern that is woven with colored threads that crosses at right angles to form squares. The pattern is said to have originated from Scotland but it is now one of the most popular pattern in mens fashion. The pattern has passed through centuries and has been the favorite of all types of people from bankers to punk rockers. The tartan is mostly confused with plaid but the main difference is that the tartan is perfectly symmetrical while the plaid is not. Unlike plaids the tartans look the same when turned to the sides. There are a lot of tartans available in the market and you should take some time to choose the ones that would work for you.

According to the variations on the color of the tartans they are classified into different groups. Color of the garment is the one that is widely noted on the first glance. Hence it is important to choose it carefully. Ancient tartans are mostly soft and light and come in pastel shades. Orange tartan mens suits and rose tartan mens suits are some of the examples for ancient tartans. When you go with these light colored tartan mens suits the pattern on the suit is more easily showcased. These tartan mens suits are best suited for summer and spring use. The name ancient does not mean that these patterns are old but it denotes the lighter shaded that are made to look like natural dyes.

The next type is the modern tartans and these tartan mens suits will have a darker look when compared with the ancient tartans. These tartan mens suits come in bolder and stronger shades. Navy blue tartansuits and charcoal gray tartan mens suits are some of the examples of modern tartans. If you are thinking of getting the tartan mens suits for formal use or if you are a person who simply loved subtle colors then it is best to go with modern tartan mens suits. The tartans are named modern since the darker looks were available only by the 1860s after the introduction of chemical dyes.

Dress tartans were the ones that were used by the women in Scottish Highland in the 17th and 18th century. These dress tartans have a softer look and mostly come in the combination of other colors with white. Dark grey tartan mens suits with white and champagne tartan mens suits with white are some of the examples of the dress tartan mens suits.

The hunting tartans are the ones that were designed for the wearer to blend in with the woodlands while hunting. Dark green tartan mens suits and dark brown tartan suits are some of the examples of hunting tartans. These suits look good when paired with accessories like tweed overcoat and such.

If you want casual tartan mens suits then you should try out the weathered tartan option. These tartan mens suits give out a faded look like when it is left out in the elements like sun, wind and rain. Regardless of the color of the garment they look faded out and aged giving you a classy rustic look.

One of the famous choices in tartan is the black watch tartan suits. These suits have been once the favorite of the bankers when they wore head to toe black watch tartans. If you want a subtle yet stylish pick then black watch tartan is the best option. It is one of the simplest tartan available in the market and mostly comes with three colors. Black watch tartan mens suits are the ones you should go for when you are looking for a clean and crisp look that you can wear to your office. The black watch tartan pattern is also available in other garments like coats and even on accessories like watches.

Two-Buttons-Slim-Fit-Suit Now knowing some of the famous styles in tartans you can pick the one that best suits your body shape. The fit of the tartan mens suits matters a lot since the patterned fabric will be sure to garner attention towards you. If you are a tall and lean person then you should go with skinny fit tartan suits. This when paired with a crisp and slim fitting white shirt and a pair of Chelsea boots can give you a youthful look. The skinny fit tartan mens suits will fit you like the second skin and can accentuate your body features. But if you want a still more comfortable fit you should try out the slim fit tartan mens suits. The advantage with the slim fit tartan mens suits is that you need not be lean to try out this fit. This fit is most recommended for short people since when done right it can make a person look taller than they originally are. Men who would like roomy fit that you can wear all day without feeling uncomfortable can go with classic fit tartan mens suits. These suits will have more room than the slim fit and skinny fit suits. Men who are bulky around the middle can try out the big and tall tartan asuits for a comfortable fit.

When you style the tartan mens suits you should pay attention to the garments that you are pairing it with. It is best to pair the tartan mens suits with solid dress shirts since too much patterns will make you look sloppy. Keep the color of the shirts monochromatic like white and light blue.