> David Beckham Royal Wedding Suit

David Beckham Royal Wedding Suit

The royal wedding of Harry and Megan was almost a perfect depiction of a fairy tale wedding. The highlights were everywhere with the photographers going berserk with all the celebrities pouring in. But one that got everyones eye and got the biggest nod of approval ever was the Beckham pair. It was no surprise that the pair attended the royal wedding but when he turned up in a Dior Homme designed by Kim Jones the fashion world took a moment to process it. The menswear god of course looked ravishing in the suit and Victoria Beckham was equally elegant in her designer fluid dress. The fashion world soon were crazy about the morning suit that he singlehandedly brought back into style.

The outfit was spot on with the dress code for the wedding and they almost stole the thunder from the newly weds. Now most of us would never be able to afford this designer outfit and therefore this article breaks down his style so that you can style it within your budget. david beckham wedding suit was seen wearing a charcoal grey wool twill morning coat and pants that matched the coat. The main attraction was the light grey wool twill double breasted waistcoat that he wore along with a Egyptian cotton poplin shirt. The look was completed with a grey silk satin tie and grey silk pocket square and derby shoes in black calfskin leather. What surprised the people was that the outfit did not seem Dior Homme at all since the recent styles were a bit different from these. The lapels of the davidbeckhamroyale wedding suit were reigned in and the suit was fully a streamlined look thus giving out a proper and elegant look on the whole.

While the morning davidbeckhamroyale wedding suit fashion has dwindled over the years from once it was famous, David Beckham managed to trend it all over the world in a matter of hours. A morning davidbeckhamroyale wedding suit is considered to be a compulsory for daytime formal events and is defines by a longer tailcoat, with a waistcoat and trousers all matching that is made of the same material. This outfit is deeply traditional, though forgotten in the United States is still followed religiously by some people in the United Kingdom. While the usual colors for the waistcoat is showy colors like mustard yellow and eggshell blue Beckham wore his waistcoat in a subtle dove grey thus defining his own style as he always does. This subtle shade complemented nicely with the monochromatic color palette of this suit and shirt.

Another thing we will have to note in his style is the fit of the outfit. The fit was on the whole modern, flattering his silhouette when the traditional fit of the morning david beckham royale wedding suits always have billowing legs. This look turned viral breaking the internet and if you ask me rightly so. The impeccable style is one worthy of following especially for the weddings. As an off note the pair auctioned their outfits and sent the proceeds to We love Manchester Emergency Funds.