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Seersucker Suits

With the summer approaching it is officially time to pull out your lightweight suits. It is the season when the beloved wool suits will start feeling stuffy and hot. Thus it will be better for you to go with lighter options like seersucker -suits. Suits should be your pick when you need a business casual that you can wear without breaking a sweat but at the same time looking cool. In this article we are going to discuss about seersucker suits and tips on how best to style them.

For people who don't know seersucker- suits are made from the lightweight fabric called seersucker. It is a traditional stripy fabric that has different textures on it. This fabric was invented in India and became famous throughout the world. The seersucker has a combination of smooth and rough pinstripes which is produced by alternating silk and cotton warps.

These suits are mainly recommended as a summer wear due to its properties. The puckering of the material will create extra air pockets which help the air to pass through easily. Thus the material is well known for its breathability and air circulation properties. Another advantage of the seersucker- suits is that they are durable and they score better than linen when it comes to creasing. Linen can get easily creased but with seersucker the natural creased look of the fabric makes it a cool pick. Thus seersucker- suits are an ideal pick for your summer wardrobe and also a great choice when it comes to travelling.

These suits are nowadays considered to be the ultimate pick for leisure suits of the upper class people. It is also greatly preferred by men of all age groups from college grads to politicians. Even when the seersucker is a lightweight fabric it gives a good drape thus making a fantastic choice for looking formal in the hot days. These suits are considered to a proper alternative to linen suits. These suits are nowadays available in a lot of styles and you can pick out the one that matches your need.

red suit If you are thinking of trying out the suits style then there are some points that you will have to remember. When you purchase the seersucker- suits make sure you get the real ones which come with the irregular warp. There are fake seersucker -suits in the market but you can easily tell the difference when you observe the degree and characteristic of the puckering. If you are not sure about the quality then you can go with off the rack suits from the popular brands.

The next recommendation when it comes to seersucker -suits is to go with single breasted styles. The single breasted seersucker -suits are a good choice since they are more versatile. You can get the 2 button seersucker suits or 3 button seersucker -suits when it comes to single breasted styles. You can wear the single breasted seersucker- suits with or without a vest.2 piece seersucker -suits are good pick when it comes to summer.

But if you want a style that stands out then you can go with double breasted seersucker suits. It is more formal than the single breasted styles and is mostly worn with a vest. Remember that the double breasted suit jacket will be thicker than the single breasted one and when paired with a vest can be too much fabric on a hot day.

As for the details on the suits, lapels play a major role. Since the suits are relatively a casual style it is best to go with notch lapel suits. If you want a formal look then you can go with peak lapel seersucker- suits. As for the vents and pockets most of the seersucker -suits come with center vents and flap pockets. But the side vents are more practical since they offer freedom of movement while sitting or reaching into the pocket. As for the flap pockets they match the smart casual look of the seersucker- suits perfectly.

gray suit As we have mentioned before seersucker -suits are considered to be more on the casual side and thus when it comes to colors stick with the lighter ones. Blue seersucker suits and white seersucker -suits are the most preferred choices. Going with these classic colors you can style the seersucker -suits for formal and semi formal events. Other than this you can also go with pink seersucker -suits and beige seersucker- suits for a distinct look. If you are getting the suit for casual occasions then go with brighter colors.Red velvet seersucker suits and burgundy seersucker -suits are the best when it comes to casual use. Bright and light colors look great in the summer and hence it is best to stick with those when it comes to seersucker- suits.

The fit of these suits matter a lot and thus you should pay proper attention to it while purchasing the suit. The puckering of these suits adds extra bulk and thus it is best for you to go with a slimmer fit. Slim fit seersucker -suits are a good choice for summer since the skinny fit seersucker suits might be a little too tight for the hot days. Go with the fit that makes you look smarter while giving the best drape. You can also opt to go with silk cotton blend of you aren't satisfied with the pure seersucker fabric.

As for the shirt to pair with seersucker -suits, you can go with a plain button down shirt or a patterned one. If you want a casual look, then go with a white t-shirt against a black seersucker suit or a navy seersucker- suit. You can pair the dark seersucker- suit like purple seersucker- suits and forest green seersucker- suits with a light colored shirt or a t-shirt. As for the shoes you can go with traditional footwear like Oxfords and Derbies. It is best to avoid wearing casuals like trainers or sneakers.