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Houndstooth Suits

When we talk about business attire most men tend to go with solid suits in navy and charcoal gray. But patterned suits except the pinstripe suits are rarely included in the formal spectrum. The patterned suits are not that hard to pull off and when you know the basics you can easily style them for your office day. One such underutilized garment is the Houndstooth suits and here are some tips that you can go by to get a formal look.

Houndstooth suits For people who don't know houndstooth is a type of checked pattern. This pattern is created by the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines that creates small squares. The pattern is named as houndstooth since the jagged patterns resembles the back teeth of the dog. If you are thinking of adding houndstooth suits to your collection then there are some things that you will have to note.

The material from which the houndstooth suits are made plays an important role in projecting the overall look. The traditional houndstooth suits are available in wool. The houndstooth suits are still the most popular ones because of their fuzzy and warm look. If you want a lightweight garment then it is best to go with cotton houndstooth suits or corduroy houndstooth suits. They are also available in synthetic materials.

The next thing that you will have to note is the intensity of the pattern on the suit. For example if you are new to houndstooth suits then it is best to start small. Go with small scale houndstooth patterns on suits. These patterns will only be noticeable when close and will look like solid suits when seen from a distance. Starting with these small scale patterns will help you boost your confidence in your outfit and yourself. As you progress you can go with larger checks in houndstooth suits. There is also something called overcheck in houndstooth suits that has large patterns that look like they are complementing the smaller checks.

Mens-Burgundy-Double-Breasted Single breasted houndstooth suits are the ones that are most preferred by younger generation. As mentioned before there are very few people who use the herringbone suits for formal use and thus the versatile single breasted houndstooth suits which you can wear both to formal and casual events has become popular. The double breasted houndstooth suits are best for formal use. The double breasted houndstooth suits are thicker than the single breasted houndstooth suits ask have two rows of buttons. You can wear the single breasted suits unbuttoned but when you are wearing a double breasted suit you should always keep it buttoned up since the extra fabric will hand awkwardly when worn unbuttoned. 3 piece houndstooth suits can be a good pick if you want a formal style. Otherwise you can stick with 2 piece houndstooth suits which you can wear to both formal and casual events. Also consider the layering involved. If the suit is of thick material like wool or fleece, 3 piece suit will become stuffy unless the climate is cold. Hence keep in mind the purpose of the suit and the climate in which you are going to wear it in.

As for the color of the houndstooth suits it is best to stick with dark ones if you want a versatile garment.Brown houndstooth suits and black houndstooth suits are the traditional ones that you can get in the market. These muted shades will blend in well with gen surroundings and give you a classy stylish look. Other than these you can go with gray houndstooth suits which can be a good pick for office use. The lighter colors of houndstooth suits are best reserved for semi formal and casual events.Burgundy houndstooth suits and maroon houndstooth suits will be a good pick for semi formal events. Lighter ones like rose houndstooth suits and bright blue houndstooth suits are best suited for summer and spring events when there is a lot of natural light.

The details on the houndstooth suits also matter a lot. Peak lapel houndstooth suits are rare since the peak lapels are common on formal garments like tuxedos and formal suits. You can go with notch lapel houndstooth suits if you want a casual blended in look. On the contrary if you want a dressy look and don't mind eyes on you then go with shawl lapel houndstooth suits. The number of buttons on the suit jacket also should be selected with care. 2 button houndstooth suits are the most popular style among the young people. If you are a short person then you should go with single button houndstooth suits. For men who are tall suits with more buttons will create a balanced look. 3 button houndstooth suits and 4 button houndstooth suits are the options recommended.

As for styling the houndstooth suits here are some pointers that you can refer to. If you want a formal style then you can go with a 3 piece houndstooth suit that is made of rich wool. If you are not convinced with the full suit look you can opt to go with separates. Pairing houndstooth pants with a double breasted blazer and spread collar shirt is a bold sartorial move. Styling patterned pants might be a risky business thus it is best to keep the patterns small.

If you are looking for an outfit that you can wear to a casual day at office you should pair a houndstooth suit with a white striped shirt and burgundy scarf. Brown and burgundy looks great together and you can add a pair of black leather Oxfords to the mix for a polished look. One of the versatile pieces in the suit is the jacket. You can pair a peak lapel houndstooth suit jacket with a white striped shirt and blue dress pants. Add a white and blue striped tie and black suede monk straps to the mix for a stylish look. You can also wear the houndstooth suits with a black turtleneck instead of the usual shirt and tie option.